Seti and the Fermi Paradox is et out there Sooner or later

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"Seti and the Fermi Paradox is et out there Sooner or later"
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The physicist Enrico Fermi was no less enthusiastic in the 1950's, with the idea of any chance of contact with E. T's, than any who formed SETI. 'Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence'.

The paradox of Fermi is not that, there is no Life out there, but sometimes Truth is stranger than Fiction, or all bound up in a Supernatural Element.

Australia's Indigenous folk still speak of 'their ancestors coming from the sky'; and they are not alone. So do most other Indigenous people throughout the world, and as they knew nothing about SETI where did their stories begin, if not from 'up there in the sky' where they point ?

The fact that the radio telescopes of SETI which even the USA government financed in the beginning, questions whether they knew more than they were letting on. After all, the commotion really began in their desert in 1947; with the Roswell Case, and it's been a continual conspiracy of 'ET' theories ever since.

Hoaxes haven't made it any easier either, but they never have when it comes to anything. Facts are there can never be a hoax - or copy - without the real footprint to go by. So why not see the whole of SETI's Fermi Paradox, being just that ? That there are some E. T's 'somewhere out there' .

If there was not still belief enough even by the 1970's, why did NASA's Voyager I and 2 contribute further? Sending into our galaxy the two gold disks referred to as 'Greetings from the Children of Planet Earth' - with Dr. Carl Sagan's son's voice included - continuing the paradox. Carl Sagan was not a Cosmologist/Scientist/ nor professor with NASA who would make a mockery of his son, nor not give everything his best shot. On these were many instances of what life here on Earth looked like, and the things humans here enjoyed also.

Now the paradox of Fermi is simply carried further today, despite any signals received by SETI + - 60 years later. Something - for the want of a term - is extending this contradiction in terms for NASA to have spent $800 Million by March 2009, sending Kepler's Space Ship, in search for habitable Planets with the same hope as Fermi's reasons. That there might even be ET planets also ?

If earthlings live in denial, why search for anything at all, if they find any of this too hard to believe? Kepler's Ship at least left with the best equipped camera, on Delta 2 Rocket; which is another step in aiding SETI. This adds to Fermi's paradox, not yet an absolute proven affirmative that there is no such thing 'out there'!

If it's supposed to be a dangerous place out there in the Universe, it is also dangerous to be on Planet Earth. This whole paradoxical situation is that we are our own enemies! Yet, those who are peaceful - like SETI, and those with NASA re. Kepler's Ship - must risk listening to too much interference of noise pollution hitting the electromagnets in our own messed up atmospherics.

So what's SETI's and the Fermi Paradox about; asking 'if there are E. T's out there' if inhabitable planets do not include such ? The contradiction in terms is only that too of us live in a bubble of denial, not wanting to think about more beyond ourselves. If Indigenous folk are also 'human form', why deny the possibility of even some of our own?

It's time to enlighten this paradox in Shakespeare' s words. “Friends, Roman's Countrymen, lend me your ears!” Sooner or later the attitude of a lone, even human-like planet as Planet Earth being the only one in the whole Universe, will have to admit, we are not alone. SETI, NASA, and the USA Pentagon cooperate are still following through, so why shouldn't we?

We'll just have to wait and see, for those who have reason enough to keep going that one step further, just as SETI's and Enrico Fermi's enthusiastic beginnings.

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