Selfishness Effects and causes in Human Nature

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"Selfishness Effects and causes in Human Nature"
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How do you feel of yourself? Do you think this is so obnoxious an issue to discuss? Well, gather your resolve, a moment to indulge your thoughts, while I explain. When you sit in quiescent solitude and examine your psyche, your needs, desires, wants, you'll imagine what your means will be to attain these dreams. And what do you see? You see what you want and how to achieve getting it, right? You see a preference and you determine what's it take to receive this desire. Well, my friend, you've just procured, in thought, what it'll take to establish your specific passage.You've just expressed is an inert passion of self-indulgence or simply - selfishness. We don't think of it, hardly the littlest thought of it avails. Yet, what becomes abundantly clear is that this occurs with every decision you make. Observe someone else's foraging research, thoughts, opinions in making their predicated choice of a situation. You become undoubtedly aware of that person's selfish objective but hardly a thought is given when a similar issue involves your personal decision!

What? You say! Yes exactly, selfishness! Everyone has specific perceptions in when, what, how and why certain life evoking strategies must play itself out or undertaken in fulfilling a desire. As life pulsates, so does one's wants and needs but what remains constant is your deductive selfishness. In any appropriate scenario, you supposedly assess, review and consider all of your options in undertaking your task. You consider the energy, the resources, the complexity, the pawns involved, precociously anticipated experiences and finally, you formulate a game plan. But in doing so, you encounter a variety of obstacles strewn amidst your mission yet, you push forward hoping each progressive phase will minimize or alleviate the inevitable outcome. You see, no matter what you perceive it to be, this remains, unequivocally what you want! This is the subject of our discussion. The issue may be of minimal value to anyone, which is generally so, but you, and this can be quite perplexing. Wanting something for oneself is not a sin, it'sinbredded in our physio-psychologic essence advocated by an idiom of human passion. Erstwhile, in subjective concordance we selfishly indulge in various personal enjoyments and particular intensions. One will never be able to avoid or prevent this prevalent but simply unnoticed feeling of humanic nature.

Every individual knows or feels he knows what he/she wants in fulfilling their life's journey. Everyone has expectations of themselves and loved ones yet many times we burden ourselves or others with our ideals. It's certainly not wrong, wanting more for your loved ones, for it has been so for eons, but it's always been misunderstood or misinterpreted by practically every recipient. Conversely, isn't this also selfish? Selfish for the incapacitive nature
of not caring or understanding another's intent. You see it's a two-headed serpent. Every parent prefer their child, loved one or dear friend, will someday "find" him or herself and progress forward into life's abyss confident and encouraged to succeed. Life is certainly unpredictable, thus, extremely frightful. Yet perhaps, desiring something that could be construed as excessive or impractical considering one's physical, emotional or financial statues invokes traits of selfishness. The list goes on and on. Consider for a moment,no matter what you seek, presently or of the future, how you forsee acquiring it, when you receive it was it worth the pain and for what reason did you desire it; no matter how you feel, what you feel your want exponentially manifested your selfishness. So, perceptably selfish or no consider the relevance, assess the motive and review the effect. Yes, for we all are selfish, open to scrutiny, open to prejudice and always open to betrayal.

We've but scratched the surface. Observe and consider, there is a myriad of unwarranted and unpretentious selfishness that abounds. An example, a simple act of non-participation of a seemingly minor activity as waning from cleaning up after oneself. Seeing this someone may misunderstand this as the norm consequently continuing to ignore the proper course of action. So one does it, then the next and the next, all following suit escalating into an enormous problem. And this is just but one example with millions on the horizon. Simply viewed, if you're not going to do it, why should I? Sounds familiar doesn't it. Think about it, this occursa everyday, in every situation by every single person. Selfish isn't it? Look at all of your situations, it's inevitable, it's invidious, it's predictable - it happens. There has been many an argument that has occcured and escalated because of its character. No one sees it that way, no one cares to but we mirror it, every moment. Everyone of us are cognizant of its spirit, its existence but none has curtailed its effect because of our unwillingness to accept its presence. Selfish! You and I don't procure it, exclaim it or even trivialize of its mere origin but we certainly can't denounce it. So, my friend, we live an incontrollably eventful life with unannounced dark portraits of variant mystique. Selfish, not me! Take a long look around, it's there, in every step we take...

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