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Apples and Oranges

Have you ever tried to choose which fruit you like best, which you think is the greatest, an Apple or an Orange? I know! tough job huh, that's because they are both great in completely different ways and even though they are very different fruits, they are both exceptional, and that's okay, we love them anyway, we buy either one on different days and there's room in our heart for both.

At times we as people are just like that, we compare ourselves to others and put ourselves down because we might not seem as good as somebody else in an area or another person might seem better than us in that area and we moan to ourselves that we are not good enough.

It's like the Orange getting jealous of the Apple because it's not as red or have its great sophisticated cider taste and that in New York its not as big, hence thinking he's second rate.


Or the Apple becoming jealous of the Orange because it hasn't got as much vitamin C or that rich Orange flavor, taste and refreshing texture and color, and that in Florida he is not as big.

They are both missing the point that they are great in different ways.

Even though they are not the same, we still find it hard to choose between them and love them equally.

The sooner the Apple and the Orange realize this truth the sooner they will start to feel wonderful about themselves, and so should we.

It's like a Partnership. When two people very good at different things come together as one to form a Partnership it makes that Partnership stronger and richer compared to one in which both are very good at the same thing.

The latter is more likely to lead to competition, not that it will breakdown but the former is likely to be more diverse and hence richer.

FDR was a talented, gifted and powerful President that got us out of the Great Depression but even he knew that he need to tap a powerful group of people to make up his Administration in order to achieve this, he could not do it alone.

Abraham Lincoln could not have won the Civil War and kept the Union intact for future generations without his talented Generals, Men and Women of the U.S. Army. So that Freedom and a land crafted by the people for the people and of the people might not vanish from the face of the Earth.

At the same time it is good to have a Mentor, an Alpha Apple or an Alpha Orange if you like, someone who is like you but you look up too, that has been on the same road that you are on and a place you would like to get to one day.

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