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Scientific Approach to Treating Paralysis

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"Scientific Approach to Treating Paralysis"
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A group of scientists succeeded in inventing a new method for treating paralysis through the brain, based on the experiences of living on a number of monkey brain. The scientists say : These tests will be useful for the treatment of many humanitarian, to consider placards to the state American famous "Christopher Dave" hero of a series of films, "Superman" who was famous severe injury to the spinal cord several years ago led to a quadruple polio crippled the movement, which did not find a panacea to science until now. They stressed that there is a few glimmers of hope have emerged recently to treat such complex cases, having managed to reinvent arm connected to the PC machine can be activated by electrical impulses from the brain monkey!. The experiment has been conducted on two monkeys, by establishing links related Badmagh electric monkey and a computer connected to the arm, and at the monkey any movement such as trying to gain access to food or toys based automation arm movement tradition monkey automatically!. The scientists believed that such an invention could benefit those who were paralyzed as a result of spinal cord and nervous system disease activist, and in this regard says, "Miguel Nicolelis," Duke University researcher in the state of North Carolinia America, a member of the research team : "That is not mere science fiction-indeed become"!. Further links further movement The scientists in a previous experience (95) and link up the thickness of the wires, each equivalent to the thickness of the greatest, and these wires (6) in the areas of the capital, the first monkey, in addition to (32), and other relevant been developed in only two of the top monkey II. It was noted that the automated arm movement was simple back and forth with every movement by a monkey as if the monkey driven by reason, traffic has increased complicated when planting more electricity connections. Have been published results of this interesting study in the journal (Nature) last Thursday in a number 15 / 11 / 2000 in order to make them competent. In an attempt to develop this unique scientific discovery; bent scientists from the University "Duke" to try to replace the computer Brkich electronic be planted under the skin. According to Dr. Bakay-bang from Rush Presbyterian Hospital in the city of Chicago, a specialist in this regard - that the development of various means to help those who have lost the ability to walk in the movement rapid pace, but goes on : "But this is something that will take time to materialize, before an invention prostheses can be channeled through brains to perform more complex, such as throwing the ball." Bacai also says : "we can imagine that it is possible in the next era, to see some of these means of assistance has been able to help the unemployed movement to perform some simple tasks such as opening and closing of TV, or movement in an independent and semi-natural."

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