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The weather network shows a variety of interesting satellite imaging system information of the atmosphere of the planet Earth. State of the art technology is the channel from where the images are viewable in different correlated energy patterns of differing factors in the weathers' developing systems of weather. The global information is the prime factor of the individuated local national weather systems. Internationally the global conditions of the atmosphere can define the probability of what the weather is going to become in the future forecasts of weather information gathered from the state of the art technological advancements of the satellite imaging systems.

In a more local environment of the weather patterns of the area in which the people live, a snow storm for example is generated by the local environment of the affected land mass by the surrounding environment of pollution (example). In the process of the developing storm the weather, can dramatically increase in intensity of the weather system that is moving in from the direction of the jet stream of which is the mass of air that is the effect of the local environment or the cause of the weather system. So, coming from a direction of the west moving east the jet stream is the cause of the effect of the local weather that is predictable from the observation of the systems that are coming from the westerly direction.

A low pressure system is the 'hot' air that flows from the equator north from the direction of the hot bodies of land and water. From the direction of these systems the warm air rises and is met by a colder atmosphere of the mountains. In the Colorado Rockies the warm air of condensed warm air becomes a Colorado low snow storm. The system then starts to travel in the direction of the jet streams mass of air flow, which travels as on system around the world called earth.

As the mass of air expands and moves towards the Northern parts of the globe, the warm air also, expands, and then cools. As the air expands and become iced, in the process within the clouds, the air travels, and this becomes an Arctic high cold pressure system. The air is also, heavy in weight, as the jet stream carries the flow of air the jet stream is also, affected. This gives the anomaly of nature as of two weeks ago, where even in Las Vegas it snowed, also, record snow falls were predicted in Vancouver, and I feel confident to say that they received more than expected. This nature of an anomaly created a phenomena of a physical magnitude and consequential effects were experienced and the reality of the High Pressure Arctic low, shows that Canada kick Colorado lows to the side.

The mass collective consciousness is also, affect by the knowledge shown and demonstrated here in this 'article,' the consequences of the people in an atmosphere of a positive environment of the living conditions, gives self awareness and caution when such a time of science is the observed, unexplainable, but witnessed and defined as a time of being aware of the powerful force of nature that is the process; within the planet, on the surface of the Earth, and in the atmosphere beyond the yonder. Weather storms' are created by the global conditions of the planetary consciousness of the masses of people, events, Earth, and the universe throughout.

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