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Science Festival Etiquette a Guide to Proper Scientific Behavior

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"Science Festival Etiquette a Guide to Proper Scientific Behavior"
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When attending a science festival proper etiquette is expected. Science festivals can be educational and fun for the whole family. Many festivals offer hands on activities for adults and children. I find these exhibits to draw the largest crowds. In this situation proper etiquette is as simple as using common sense.

1) Don't push or shove to see over or around the people in front of you. Wait your turn.

2) When it is your turn, don't doodle, do your thing at let someone else have a turn.

3) Be prepared with the next hands on exhibit, to distract your young child who may not want to leave and may not understand why she/he has to.

"While viewing NO touch exhibits."

1) Keep a tight hold on your child and their curiosity.

2) It's always a nice vesture to compliment the "scientist" on their work. Even if you have no clue what it is.

3) If the signs says "Don't Touch", then don't touch it!

"Etiquette during a screening or exhibition"

1) Turn off or put your cell phone on vibrate.

2) Do not save seats (everyone pays the same admission price and there's nothing worse than getting to an exhibit early to get a good seat to find that the first two rows are being saved, for people who are out roaming around.)

3) Before taking photo's or using a video camera, make sure it's okay.

4) Do not walk out unless you have an emergency. (That is extremely rude.)

5) Do not eat or drink during the exhibition. (It is usually very quite and your chomping can be a distraction. It's not a movie theater and popcorn is not allowed.)

6) Do not bring babies or small children in the exhibition, unless it is geared towards children. Children get bored easily and can be a distraction to the other guests.

Science festivals are a lot of fun and something the whole family can enjoy. Just use your common sense and enjoy yourself.

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