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Science and Rational Belief do we have a Chance

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"Science and Rational Belief do we have a Chance"
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The title, 'Using Science...' already has a bias, in that 'using' is a tool of action to achieve something. In this instance presumably you want to push a belief system. If the system is already scientific - and most science is a belief system based on a high probability that the observations, or even facts if you wish to call them that, are highly repeatable and therefore very probable (such as say, the velocity of light measurements). Getting things done then becomes safe and confidence reigns. But, whatever the theory, the 'facts' or accepted model that works so well - it must be refutable, or it is not science. Thus you say 'I will refute the Law of Gravity by jumping off the Leaning Tower of Pisa; my faith is such that I will be safe'. Try it if you must, but the tightness of the scientific principle involved is not worth the risk that 0.999999999... probability that you will lose your life (God not withstanding...).

God, ah, that''s the other area where belief systems rule massively. Can we use science to 'verify' God's existence - or non-existence? No, certainly not, so such a question or excercise is unscientific in the extreme. That brings us to a later part of the title, 'for Personal Belief Systems'. No-one will deny your right to hold any personal belief system that does not harm others - or the Earth - or destroy little children's happiness in Natural things with ghastly fears, and so on. The operational word is 'personal'. In a love based, democratic, stable happy society of people (far from what we have...), you do not push your beliefs onto others, especially with fear and superior force claims. Certainly you do not burn them at the stake, or crush their heads in by stoning them - what Fascism! But that happened and happens in faith systems (Ugh!)

Take a religious statement, or at least one from a late reported speech of the man called 'Jesus', who said, 'If you have faith as in this grain of sand and pray that the mountain there shall move into the sea, it shall be done.' Now thousands of 'Christians' over many centuries have prayed for this demonstration of the power of faith, and in recent times with strain gauges strapped to the mountain, and optical interferometers which would show the slightest vibration or physical force applied to the mountain (in Newtons, of course...) but not the slightest quiver has ever been observed synchonised to the peaks of the prayer.

Far more significant than that is the unquestioned belief systems (pushed forceably onto others - especially children...) about such myths, beautiful stories though some are, yet with a speck of dust going round a second or third rate star (Sol) an insignificant Yellow Dwarf star out in the cold nether regions of a Galaxy of 100 000 000 000 of them (or rather, mostly bigger...) and we have the enormous gall to think we know all about the Creator of the system - all made for us. What arrogance! You can easily come up with over thirty faith systems of the religious kind, all saying and claiming contrary things about God - how she made this and that, and all for us, all completely impossible to reconcile.

We're told that 'Jesus' came a couple of thousand years ago, born at Christmas (not true, it was to sap up the Solstice feast, a date near December 21st to 25th that was pushed into existence by a very powerful human non-democratic organisation called the Church). What, a couple of thousand years ago? Wow, how is it that God waited from 13.7 billion years ago until only a couple of thousand to pay us a visit? Scratching our heads at a Talk on the subject, we suddenly realised that even the Almighty God had her, or his or its time cut out to visit all the other 100 000 000 000 systems in 100 000 000 000 bigger systems throughout this Universe, and only got round to us that couple of thousand years ago...

However, science or not, nothing is likely to shift the enormous drive to believe in the supernatural for millions of human beings. We are a queer sport of an evolutionay quirk. Shifting into perpetual infantilism, we stay 'Big Babies' all our lives. Just look at so-called fully grown men chasing a ball around to thousands screaming and cheering - and for such money! Just Big Babies. So, we rush into churches, crying 'Father, save us. We are your children...' (aged 30, 40, 50.. you name it) We remain 'kids' as apes, with of course, the enormous bonus of an infantile brain that hardly ever stops its infantile growth - hence our amazing, but kid like intelligence... Is it worth it this mutation? If uncontrolled we will destroy the Earth, science tells us that. We will have gone. Was our short spectacular mad mutation worth the final collapse? As a final scientific observation on this strange faith thing resulting from our infantilism, look at our sexuality - homosexuality, lasting in many all their lives (an infantile phase in all other species), our religious practitioners fully partaking in 'practices' involving pretty dressed up quoir boys in churches (hmm, what goes on there...). Boy George singing like a little kid... Even our mating - we seek out Big Breasts in our females - that is, 'Mother Figures' (Big Babies - suck, suck). Even 'worse' we kiss with tongues and huge mouth to mouth goings on. 'Mothers' in the mature world only mouth to mouth feed their young with pre chewed food for a short while. Humans? Just Big Babies.

So, science shows us with that enormous intellect the mutation brought us, the observations and explanations of our wild and weird behavior on this planet. Do we listen? Do we rationalise the irrationality? No we don't. That is our curse - but thank you science, at least we've caught a glimpse for the little while we'll last...

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