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Saving the Plant

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"Saving the Plant"
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Science is the process of answering questions with knowledge and logic. If we can work together to find answers for all of our problems then science could save the planet. In our society the biggest threat to the planet is Global Warming. The only way to solve this problem is to find answers as to why it is happening, and then find answers on how to fix these things.

The biggest problem with the planet today is one that we humans caused. Some people recognize it as global warming, while others are unable to call it that. Either way most people are able to agree that because of our life style and the conveniences we have created to support it, we have caused extremely negative effects onto the planet.

Global warming is the theory which states that due to increased releases of gasses such as CO2, called greenhouse gasses, the average temperature of the planet has increased and will continue to increase as the level of greenhouse gasses does. Humans put out tons of these greenhouse gasses like CO2. Our cars, buildings, electric companies etc. put out a majority of the emissions. We put out such a high number of CO2 that it is costing the planet to get warmer.

Global warming is said to cause ice caps to melt which increases the sea level and will eventually lead to the flooding of coastal cities. The rising sea levels will send global ecosystems completely off balance. An increase in "super storms", bigger storms with high powered winds and electricity, will be seen. Droughts will also be more common as the planet continues to warm up. As the temperature rises disease carrying insects and animals will migrate to more inhabited areas causing deaths and illnesses.

Global warming is a very controversial subject because some people argue that the earth is actually cooling. Others say that the earth goes through CO2 cycles where there are times when naturally the earth releases more amounts of CO2. Sadly, there are a few people who say nothing at all is happening. The fact is that something is happening due to the way we have treated our planet, and ignoring it will only make it worse.

Fixing this problem is not difficult. We have to identify the right questions, and work our hardest to answer them. By finding things like nuclear power, solar power, and all of the other alternative energies we have been able to answer the question of how can we reduce our CO2 emissions. Now that we have a few answers we have to start using what we know and making changes with it.

The only way to fix this problem, whether or not you call it global warming, is through science. With science we can answer questions like what are alternative ways of energy? We can find these answers develop technologies with new questions to be answered and later in life when new problems arise, we will have new questions that must be answered with science. Science is probably the only thing that can save the planet.

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