Salt Water being used for Energy

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"Salt Water being used for Energy"
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I'd like to speak of the thing that has'nt been talked about in this topic.
It is apparent to me that just as everything in nature has its own resonant frequency so does salt water. When it is exposed to a large dose of its own resonant frequency the atomic structure of the atom starts to vibrate or resonate as the electrons start to go hopping about around the atoms. In a sense the atomic structure of the atom is breaking down. The hydrogen and oxygen start seperating and that makes it possible for the water to burn. The element burning being the hydrogen gas. The oxygen by itself probably helps fuel the fire. The salt or (sodium) make the salt water act as a crystal does in a crystal radio allowing the salt water to react to the resonant frequency of the salt crystals.

Of course this only my theory and opinion. I have studied about resonant frequencies for quite some time. For instance the MRI (magnetic resonant imaging) uses a resonant frequeny to view images for medical purposes and is very common, maybe more so than x-rays these days. It is definately safer because it does'nt use radiation to produce an image of internal
problems not visible to the naked eye.

I saw the video showing the man who came up with this. I think it is amazing to say the least and my hat is off to him. I would like to know what frequency the (rf)radio frequency generator is running at. What is the resonant frequency of Salt water ?

The potential for something great is here. Now to get it to produce more energy than what it takes to power the rf generator. That's the next big step. I think its possible, call me an optimist.

It appears that a lot of problems have come our way lately. It also appears that there have been quite a bit of new technology evolving. Be it out of neccesity or people just getting involved again. With all the new technology being developed now I believe we've buried the myth that everything that could be invented or discovered has already been. It's just not true. We are just scraping the surface and there is much more to come. After all, The search for a better way is the mother of invention. Father Science and mother earth are ready again to give birth.

Let's Put our heads together, maybe save our planet....
RustyNail March, 2008

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