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A thunderstorm is a weather pattern that consists of more than rain and ominous clouds.  Thunderstorms, of course, can produce dangerous cloud-to-ground lightning, as well as large hail.  And they can be just as dangerous as tornadoes, since thunderstorms are noted for distributing strong, gusty winds that topple trees and knock down power utilities.

When people are outdoors before a thunderstorm arrives, they should take shelter right away.  They shouldn't have to wait until the last minute when the first big drops of rain falls or the rumbling sounds of thunder erupt.  A storm cellar or basement is known to be the best destination to protect anybody from any thunderstorm.  Well-sturdy houses (excluding mobile homes) are safe, too, but their security depends on how well you protect yourself before a thunderstorm hits.

*Safety Indoors

A cellar or basement always marks the best place for maximum protection.  Even if you don't own a basement in your home, there's a possibility someone else you know in your neighborhood has one.  To seek shelter in the basement, just go inside of it.  Make sure any doors and windows are closed.  It's a good idea to take an operative radio with you so you'll get the latest conditions of the weather around you before going outdoors.

Taking shelter in your home that doesn't have a basement is simple.  A well-secluded hallway that is free from glass and other obstructions is indeed very safe.  Simply kneel on your knees and cover yourself with a blanket to protect yourself from any debris that could injure you.  Stay away from windows and be sure that they are closed tightly.

*Outdoor Safety

Especially during lightning storms, cars are the safest spots to be while being outdoors.  If you're traveling in a car and a thunderstorm arrives, stay in the car.  All the windows need to be pulled up, and during a very heavy rainfall, slow down with your headlights on and your windshield wipers on.  Of course, you should pull over to an open spot where there are no trees or buildings nearby and stay in your car as you wait for the thunderstorm to pass. 

Thunderstorms can be dangerous because of high winds, continuous lightning, and large hail.  Keep in mind that some severe thunderstorms do produce tornadoes with little or no warning.  Don't wait until it's too late to get inside a strong shelter and take cover during a thunderstorm event.  

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