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Rose Mallow is another name for the Hibiscus flower. It has the largest blossom of any perennial. The Hibiscus comes in many beautiful colors.

The Hibiscus will grow in garden soil that is just average but it prefers well drained, loamy, clay or sandy soil. It needs a PH level that is slightly alkaline. This beautiful flower loves the sunlight. It does not do well in shade and needs at least six hours of direct sunlight a day to do well.

The Rose Mallow attracts butterflies with it's bright colors. The large blooms can grow up to an amazing 12 inches across depending on the species. Unfortunately it also attracts aphids, spider mites, Japanese beetles, stalk borers, caterpillars and white flies which can really damage the plant. Use a thuracide spray to control leaf eating caterpillars.

Root rot, crown rot, rust, leaf spot, canker, and blight can also be a problem. The blooms need to be dead headed when they are spent to encourage new growth and more blooms.

The Hibiscus will die down during the winter months. It will come back in the spring. Make sure that new growth is beginning to show before watering. It is important not to over water this plant.

There are many gorgeous species in the Hibiscus family. Here are the common names of a few examples:

Blue River II

Hibiscus Clown

Anne Arundel



Crimson Wonder


Disco Belle Mix


Jazzberry Jam

Lady Baltimore/Lord Baltimore

Kopper King

Old Yellow

Peppermint Schnapps

Party Favor

Pink Elephant. (these have an impressive 12 inch wide bloom!)

Pinot Noir

Ruby Dot

Plum Crazy

Southern Belle

Sweet Caroline

Sultry Kiss

Turn of the Century

The names themselves are almost as colorful as the flowers.

The Rose Mallow or Hibiscus is a fast growing flower that lives mostly in the eastern part of the United States, particularly North of Florida  and east of the Mississippi river. It also grows in parts of Canada.

The Hibiscus can grow up to 8 feet tall and will grow in clusters as wide as six feet across. The bloom itself has five petals with a long brightly colored stamen in the center.

The Rose Mallow bloom has several uses. It is used to make paper in some parts of the world. It is one of the ingredients in some herbal teas and jams. An extract form the Hibiscus is used to make a medication that helps bladder infections and nausea.

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