Rollo may a Humanistic Existential Therapists Discourse about Ove and will

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"Rollo may a Humanistic Existential Therapists Discourse about Ove and will"
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Rollo May (April 21 1909 – 22 October 1994), was a humanistic existential psychologist, whose work spans over 25 years of practice and literary contributions to psychotherapy. His work has had a significant influence on existential psychotherapy. He authored the influential book Love and Will 1969

His masterpiece Love and Will centres on the heart of man’s dilemma. According to Rollo May it is the inability to understand the real meaning of love and will, their origin and interrelation. Initially, you may ponder and question the juxtaposition of love and will. Rollo May brings a fresh insight to understanding such concepts and shows that we can develop a deeper consciousness.

Love and Will is a dynamic and compassionate read, an exploration of life’s biggest quest love and will, written in such a brilliant and intelligent style that will ignite change and make a difference to the reader’s life. Dr Rollo May takes you his analysis of life and love in the modern period. His discourse spares no topic close to man’s nature. Be ready to dig deep and challenge your assumptions about love, sex, intentionality, death and consciousness.

Rollo May reminds us to appreciate and honour humanities heritage and potential. This is possible when we are conscious of our existence. Rollo May cuts to the chase and addresses those philosophical questions with wisdom and clarity that few can match. Apart from contemplating our individual existence, the fight of the demons within, he also touches on how our battles translate into our created civilization.

Our civilization is in existence by the accumulation of our choices translated into action and deeds, whether immoral or moral. Rollo May articulates the principle that an awareness of death is fundamental to life, rather than in opposition. He explores how the loss of traditional values and stories, whose structures provide society with explanations for life's mysteries, force contemporary humanity to choose between finding meaning within themselves or not and decide that, they, nor life has meaning.

Love and Will, is a national bestseller, a read for everyone and anyone interested in life’s profound question. For those interested in psychology and psychotherapy, or are practicing psychotherapists or counsellors, it is invaluable.

The New York Times, John Leonard's description is “Wise, rich, witty and indispensable…. It should have led any list of important nooks’. Newsweek adds, “An extraordinary book on sex and civilization…a significant contribution to contemporary morality.” (

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