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Let us tell a tale 0f about Geoffery Mabus. My alias from the underground forum community. A young man around the age of 20 or so. Young and quiet in school, picked on and profused with pain in daily lessons of horror for not quiet fitting in some would say. An ugly duckling if you will who didn't know that one day he would become a beautiful swan. Abused at home and by his classmates he soon gathered an illness of testicular cancer. Going thru six months of chemo all the while and finding God on his death bed. Vomiting, hair falling out, quiet a little monster of a sad boy who never hurt anyone, well at least not this life that he knew of, or if he had been in another life who knows. But oddly enough it was strange to go thru so much suffering and persecution at such a young tender ripe age of highschool years. Some people dress up goth for the style, it was brought on this young man by pure tradgedy and pain and horrors unspeakable. Putting a gun to his head during the chemical sensations running thru his skin and a simple Nirvana song of Lithium coming on to save his life to stop him from pulling the trigger to smash his brains against the mirror in the restroom. Telling his father once before that he wanted to die and his father putting a bullet in the same gun to play russian roulette..of course the young wounded meek boy ran off crying. Now finding God while going thru such treatments which one could compare to a modern day crucification, except probably not as important as the risen son of course but nonetheless possibly as painful maybe who would know except by experimentation? Nonetheless praying to God for all the pain to go away in the world as a little girl named Haley was on the news who had her body stomped in by an evil father and buried in the woods. Weeping so much and puking in this bucket even writing Nirvana like a little groupie fan boy saying oh Kurt you saved me, and hearing months later ill eat your cancer when you turn black thinking he read it, from heart shaped box. Then soon later Kurt blowing his own brains out..did the madness spread? Now healed by God and Science going to the 12th grade this young broken individual meets a young girl named Heather who takes his virginity and he soon marries her finding out her family has ties with the mafia and they hate him even though how one could hate someone such as Geoffery after going thru such a terrible ordeal is beyond me and us all perhaps, unless you too know the cruelty of man as well. Now marrying this young lady and soon divorcing her will lead into the madness of the unknown from ufos, to raging angels, to serpentine beings around lakes and gleaming in starlight. To make a small story short..the marriage turned to hell, he worked and slaved and did everything he should do in this white picket fence dream of America..a boy who didn't know love but wished to know it so well because he felt so empty inside and full of horror and death. This girl soon tried to take her life after a stint with him finding out her step-dad molested her, taking a bottle of pills of tylenol pm after a fight with him. If he wouldn't have called she would have been dead. So after her family tried to kidnap her mafia style from this awful marriage that they deemed was from Doctor Frankenstein himself or Dracula or Beauty and the beast..i said in joker fashion don't you dare call her a beast! Anyway back to meek Ichabod Crane like Geoffery Mabus. His father going to his wife after suffering a heart attack to try to save the marriage and them argueing and her saying " I wish you'd go to hell and die!" well his father dropped dead right there and was on his way to his truck to get a gun, a truck full of guns and knifes he planned to use on his work who gave him trouble about his son's chemo and how much insurance money it cost, thank the lord he was taken before he damned his soul with the stain of murder! Now with Geoffery's father dead and his wife divorcing him and leaving him shortly thereafter and being fresh out of chemo and being cured of cancerwell let's just say he went quiet mad where the real story begins friends and foes and members all gather here to hear this tale of ancient lore and modern mythological truths and legends and folklores and biblical frightenings! I tell you this, this story is true and if you don't like it, that's your problem adorable ones. So now unto the basis of the site and all that shall be called upon in our studies and discussions and experiences

Now Geoffery Mabus, quiet insane from losing his father and now his wife and almost losing her from a suicide. Having a nice brand new house he built for her so beautiful and wonderous and being alone after all was gone with friends coming in, friends who offered drugs. First it starts off with a joint, then you see the pretty beautiful girls sniffing the powder so happy they seem don't they? So what did I have to lose, I entered a world full of drugs and the occult, from satanism to the necronomicon to anything new age you could possibly imagine devouring it and screaming out its chants in anger at the world for what hand I had been given in this life of pain and misery! What did I care I was like Louie in Anne Rice's Interview With A Vampire, opening my shirt to death..saying death take me! Take me! Well oh boy did it hear me, this mad Adam gone weird from life's sufferings. So young and afraid and a fool like the card in the ancient tarot the first card of the grand adventurer. It started with strange craft in the skies, like black pyramids my friends, blue orbs, golden orbs, red orbs. Liquidous substances around the sun floating alive like sea creatures from the ocean but floating in the skies. Me snorting, dropping holy wafer sized lsd hits and dabbling in the occult like some mad warlock wizard of a witch. I never hurt anyone but myself and family with letting them down. No sacrifices or hurting another being. Just a thirst for knowledge and power and the facts of life after death. Perhaps I had become Dr. Frankenstein wanting to know where my father was. Desiring to know who I was..and why so much tradgedy had befallen me. Now I know your saying he was on drugs and yes you are right. But let me tell you this there were witnesses who saw with me too, we saw these things together. Now explain that skeptical ones. Soon my home became a hotspot filled with crafts in the much so the police came and told us to go inside that we could not look at the stars anymore or go to jail. I remember screaming outside this is Eden! I Am the new Adam! Months later a subdivision coming up called Edenwylde a brand new neighborhood it's name created from my scream. Now imagine this all your friends realizing ufos are attracted to your home, the summer of Hale Bopp, and the death of Heaven's gate. The summer of Marilyn Manson's Anti-Christ SuperStar Cd and The Doors blaring thru the trees and the disgruntled rock and roll home. Soon selling so much dope to fuel my habit and thousands of dollars running thru my hands every week. I became powerful and could have anything, but there was no love in my life. Just pain and isolation and loneliness. Me and a friend saw an angel of light pointing down at us while playing Live's Secret Samadhi it was shaking its finger as if to say you shouldn't be doing that.
Naughty, naughty. Little did it know..we didn't care at the time. Now so many being sightings from that house from starbeings in the skies made of starlight and disguised as stars. Angels who called out to me who couldn't come down to this material reality but watched from far above. To a friend seeing a grey there or so he said, and another seeing a woman with long blonde hair and robes..those i didn't see. I saw robed beings in the woods standing around a box and my cat manson pounced on them and they vanished.
What happened is Geoffery Mabus has opened up a hole in the veil from his pain and occult and drug use. A hole in the Matrix that imprisonates us. So much so I saw government craft or ET craft monitoring my home and chasing the ufos above it. I had no interest in Ets or ufos before this but quickly started to consume mass amounts of books on the subject..finally the house was lost and I had to move to Bermuda Street where I saw a dragon like being and a lady with long blonde hair and man floating indian style playing a flute under a street light. Always strange lights around the trees silvery and glowing like Christmas lights but no plug ins or outlets just strangeness even approaching the windows of the house.
Now onto the most important strangest encounter then the conclusion of this experience..
Halloween night, face painted up like a shaman necromancer, screaming on lsd from the necronomicon. At a lake snorting speed from this fat guy with my brother. He tried to kill me so I can afford the luxury of calling him fat or any other name I wish for breaking such a code.At that lake I saw a being who was reptilian like yet humanoid but so terrifyingly strange and beautiful and another hydra naga like being together. Strange music playing, cold outside but the water warm. My first thoughts were fallen angels as I saw the face of mars in my head that statue like building people talk about..then they kept saying I love you, I love you, I love you and to sing and write. I wasn't afraid but that night my eyes turned to green as emeralds as a danced in the cemetary swirling around an angel statue and laughing.
I felt so alive for once and immortal, forever changed. This was after the lake when our fat friend tried to drive us into the lake me and my brother, strangely enough my brother only saw something weird of smoke and dark eyes. Apparently the fellow who was with us had gotten possessed and decided to drive us into the lake to our watery deaths. Now after all this and coming close to capture for my drug dealing and having a miracle take place of almost being caught..I left town and havent touched meth or coke for many years now except for some close encounter a few years back when a girl took me to the ghetto and I had to do a taste of sump to not look like a narc but for survival..i hated it and havent touched it since and do not wish too.
Now, Geoffery Mabus picking up the pieces and gone quiet sober except for pot once in a blue moon and an occasional drink and prozac. Wanders what this was all about and having found Christ now thru miracles and such friendly people at a local church. Picks up the puzzle pieces of his life and founds Mabus with friends and gathers others to speak about these events in fear and faith and trepidation. My new life with Christ has proven much more peaceful and ive come to the conclusion my friends and those I love that I danced with the devil and lived to tell the tale. I do not glorify these events with you but share them as a warning. They are not cool nor would I wish them on anyone. They were simply a broken being, who suffered a lot and was hurt by the world and sought the unknown in fear and anger and madness and got a glimpse of the otherside. Where only angels fear to thread. I tell you now, seek the living Christ. We are in spiritual warfare my friends. I have seen the fallen ones and nearly lost my soul but it was regained by God.
I have seen friends die and family members pass away and still suffer much heart break, I have hope thru this site to write a book and to have a brighter future thru the Lord and the Church. This former heavy metal head doper has found the light and I hope thru this site to help others find it as well. If it were not for GOD and his Son Jesus Christ I would be dead and I am a walking sign of the times. God Bless You.

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