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In the late summer of 1998 I went on vacation with my parents and then-girlfriend to Tybee Island, Georgia. My girlfriend and I were sitting out on the beach late one night in our new lawn chairs staring up at the southeastern sky. We were both just quietly gazing when I saw two red lights hovering in the heavens. One was slightly above and to the right of the other.

The higher light suddenly swept around the lower one, behind it and in a circle. Then they appeared to be moving south together, sped up, and disappeared. Without moving, I asked my girlfriend, "did you see that?"

As I will forever be thankful, she said, "yep." It happened so quickly there had been no time to say to her, "hey, look at that." So often when we experience strange phenomena we are alone with no one to believe us, because usually when we are with others we are too focused on them to notice the world around us. Fortunately she and I were too comfortable (or bored) with each other to be interacting at that moment.

Not so for the poor guy who walked past me right at that moment. I started screaming, "hey, did you see that, hey!" He looked furtively at us and then continued walking away as quickly as he could. I kept trying to get his attention until my girlfriend gently pointed out that I was scaring the man.

Two things make me wonder to this day what is going on in that part of the country. Earlier that same evening we had been on one of those walking ghost tours in Savannah. There must have been 50 people in the group but a homeless man picked me out to tell me that he "knew the whole story." Scared, I ignored him so he turned to my father and insisted, "tell her I know the whole story."

He followed us for several blocks trying to tell me something but I was too afraid of him to listen. Now I half seriously wish I had; I've had a lot of strangers in various mental states attempt to talk to me but this guy was the most persistent. This encounter lends itself to the "aliens as a supernatural force" theory. Maybe he was an abductee.

Yes, I know it is unlikely that the truth he wanted to tell me was anything other than that I should give him my spare change. But it is a fine coincidence that our encounter happened just hours before my encounter with the aliens. Besides, I once met a woman in the Social Security office who claimed to have a job identifying extraterrestrials and reporting her findings directly to Dubya himself. Of course she called them "celestial beings." And one could argue that the long wait at the Social Security office had made her mind snap. But I digress.

Secondly, according to and many other more reputable publications the US military dropped a hydrogen bomb in the Atlantic Ocean off of Tybee in 1958 after the plane was damaged. Supposedly the undetonated bomb is still there. Since the military has a history of covert activity in the area, and many people believe "UFOs" are just our military flying classified planes, the idea that I saw a newish model of aircraft is more plausible than the notion that I saw some aliens out for a moonlight drive.

Incidentally, my favorite theory is a third one. Some new agers believe "aliens" are humans, time traveling from the future. In this nebulous future we have messed up the earth so badly that we are coming back in time to harvest human dna to fix mutations, hence the abductions and medical testing. As I'd like to believe we will someday achieve the power of time travel, I'll just imagine my great-to-the-nth-power grandchild was cruising by to say hello. Although I'll probably never know the truth I'll always be glad I saw a UFO.

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