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Rainiest Cities in America Precipatation in American Cities

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"Rainiest Cities in America Precipatation in American Cities"
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In the top ten most rainy cities in America, you would think that Seattle, Washington would be there, maybe even number one. But it is not. All of the top ten rainiest places are mostly in the South and Southeast. Most of them are in Louisiana, Alabama, and Florida. On different charts and in different studies, the top most rainy city changes from New Orleans, Louisiana to Mobile, Alabama to Miami, Florida, depending on which chart you are reading. The differing averages can depend on how many days a year the city gets rain or precipatation, or the amount of precipatation it gets per year. Such as New Orleans, Louisiana for instance has fewer days a year it gets rain, but it receives over five feet of rain per year. Whereas Buffalo, New York has precipatation on 166 days of the year but their total is less than 45 inches. Therefore it all depends on how one looks at the record for most rainy place in America. Here are two lists. The first lists the most precipatation for each city in inches. The second lists the most rainy cities by how many days they receive rain per year.

List One - Cities with most inches of precipatation per year

1. Mt. Waialeale, Kauai Hawaii - It rains an average of 460 inches per year

2. Yakutat, Alaska - 160 inches

3. Mt. Washington, New Hampshire - 101.9 inches

4. Olympia, Washington - 101.7 inches

5. Astoria, Oregon - 67 inches

6. Mobile, Alabama - 66 inches

7. Pensacola, Florida - 64 inches

8. New Orleans, Louisiana - 64 Inches

9. Tallahassee, Florida - 63 inches

10. Baton Rouge, Louisiana - 63 Inches

List Two - Most rainy days per year for the contingent USA (not including Alaska and Hawaii)

1. Buffalo, New York - 166 days per year

2. Olympia, Washington - 63 days

3. Mobile, Alabama - 59 days

4. West Palm Beach, Florida - 58 days

5. Miami, Florida - 57 days

6. Pensacola, Florida - 56 days

7. Baton Rouge, Louisiana - 56 days

8. Lafayette, Louisiana - 55 days

9. Port Author, Texas - 51 days

10. Lake Charles, Louisiana - 50 days

When asked where the rainiest place in America is, most people would answer - Seattle, Washington. But they would be wrong. Seattle doesn't even show up on any of the lists until somewhere around twenty-eighth.  

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