Quantum Physics is Time Travel Theoretically Feasible – Yes

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"Quantum Physics is Time Travel Theoretically Feasible - Yes"
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YES time travel is theoretically feasible, time travel to the future is possible but not time travel to the past unless the past is going to be your future, then you will be able to travel to a future past (think about this for a minute). With Einstein's Relativity, we learn that the faster a person travels over a given time compared to another person who travels at a slower rate, will age slower and even much slower if the speeds are dynamically different from each other. The fastest speed anyone can actually travel is the speed of light since all objects will implode together as the velocity reaches the speed of light, mass increases, and in turn increases the force of gravity of the object. But let's get back to the subject, to prove that you can't go back in time.

When a person moves forward, or forward in time, it is only relative to another object, place, or time. For an easy example, if you have a car with any side able to be the front (and having the ability to drive any direction without the restrictions of the wheels), no matter which direction you go whether forwards, backwards, left, or right, you are ultimately moving forward compared to some other object. You can't undo a car accident by driving backwards after it happens and everything else in life and nature follows the same rules. You can't go negative speeds, because they are positive in a different direction. Therefore, there is no such thing as negative time and so you can't travel back in time, but if you truly wish to see the past, all you need to do is record the present or get out that old tape, reel, or picture album and take a look because that is as close to the past as anyone will ever come. People may go on hoping that time travel to the past is possible but I'm sorry to say that it is not and that we are stuck living our lives on this planet which is very beautiful I might add.

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