Quantum Physics is Time Travel Theoretically Feasible – Yes

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"Quantum Physics is Time Travel Theoretically Feasible - Yes"
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Please read this carefully - "there is nothing that we know, which would make it impossible for us to travel in time".

This may not be enough to say that time travel is theoretically feasible, but what it does mean is that there is nothing to contradict the claim that time travel is theoretically feasible. For me, that much hope is enough to begin with.

If your destination is in the North, which directions would you travel? Before you say North, think again. You can reach the same spot traveling Southwards too. Before we came to understand that the Earth is round, that would have appeared a fantasy, but once you understand the logic, it is all so simple - a child's play, isn't it?

Time travel could also turn out to be a simple concept - once we are able to understand it.


Before we try to understand what we mean by time, let us conceptualize what we are talking about. You can travel in time in two ways, either you remain the same while the rest of universe moves to a different time, or, the rest of the world remains normal, while you undergo a change in time. Since a man's lifespan is short, he can not possibly travel too distant in time by using the second strategy, but he CAN TRAVEL some distance, however small it may be.

Next we also need to realize that while reality is not the same as perception, it is possible for the two of them to become so approximated that there remains no difference between the two. Given this possibility, it is possible to recreate a perception at a given time that actually resembles another time frame. Simply put, the two dimensional audio-visual experience of a movie theater can be developed further to create the illusion of time-travel. That unfortunately will remain only an illusion, but believe me, such illusions may be confronting you pretty soon.

Here I will focus only on reality and not on illusion.


As far as the actual time travel is considered, the real key to it lies in knowing how to manipulate time.

Now time itself is nothing but a relative rate of infinite changes taking place in the universe. If all those changes start happening exactly in the reverse order then the time will start moving in the opposite direction.

For a simple analogy, consider how you can change the sequence of events in a movie. In the normal course, the film moves forward (in one direction). If you change the direction, the movie goes in the reverse direction.

The same is true of time. In normal course everything moves in a particular sequence, as decided by the laws of nature. For example, when you burn a paper, it gets converted into ashes and carbon di oxide, and releases energy. Now, to go backwards in time would require the ashes to attract carbon di oxide and energy and get reconverted in to paper. It is not impossible, but almost so till the time we are able to make such a thing happen.

At a subatomic level too, we would need to reverse all the events taking place, to reverse time. So photons released during burning of that paper must somehow come back to the ashes molecules and let it be converted back in to paper. To make such things happen, we need either a very complicated mechanism of controlling all kind of events at all different levels of space, matter and energy; or else, we should be able to get a breakthrough in our understanding of nature that will give use the key by using which we could move in different directions in time.

Please note that it is that special mysterious relationship between space and energy that defines the direction of time. If we can unravel that mystery... if and when we can understand why energy moves only in one direction only, then....and only then we would be able to conceptualize as to how we can change the direction of movement of that energy.

If instead of moving out of the burning paper, photons can be made to move into ashes to make paper, and when this can be done by a simple manipulation with space or energy, then we would be in a state where we can think of travelling in time.


To know that something can be done, does not mean that you will actually be able to do it. What it establishes is that such an action is not beyond the realms of all possibility. If you can change the state of cells of one's body, and bring them back to the state where they were fifty years earlier, you would have reversed the process of aging. Similarly, if you could change the state of your house, it may be another reversion in time. To bring about changes in the whole of universe seems beyond our conceptualization today, but nobody knows what we will achieve tomorrow.

Either way, we are still a few mysteries away from being able to actually solve the riddle of time travel; but then we could very well be quite close too - perhaps even sitting over the solution right now - waiting for that ray of awareness that will suddenly make it all too simple.

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