Quantum Physics is Time Travel Theoretically Feasible – No

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"Quantum Physics is Time Travel Theoretically Feasible - No"
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There are those that believe, based upon a scientific POSSIBILITY, stated as theory, that it is feasible to travel through time. First let's be clear; any means of conveyance can be deemed a time machine and at any time that we travel from point a to point b we can be said to be traveling in time. But that is not really the issue at hand in this debate. The thrust of the question is, I think, whether it is feasible or even possible to truly travel either backwards to the past or forward to the future. The truth is; we can't.

Oh, the myriad problems. Where does one begin?

How about we begin with the trouble in going backwards? After all, that's what a great many people would like to do; you know, go back and fix things or change things that we didn't like or could do better. Well, the trouble here is; what about Uncle Bob and Aunt Sue? Are we going to assume that because you transport yourself through time back to their tenth anniversary to ensure that they don't drive and thus avoid the terrible accident that killed them that night that they will cooperate and simply leap from their graves, reanimate themselves and be at the party for you to stop them from driving? Are you insane?

Yes, you can argue the string theory from now till doomsday and suggest that, like individual cars of a train, the occasion you want to visit in the past exists just as it did back then only a few cars back in time. Well, let's see,...if that's true then in each of those cars of the train there must exist another one of every person that lived at that time carrying on a life that is as real and tangible as the one they live now. It begs the question; at what point in time does one car end and another begin? It begs the question; what do I do when I run into myself in the other car I'm visiting and are we both really there? Are there two of me or only one? Would I be younger or the same age? Face it people. You have to be insane to really buy this as possible. Forget feasible.

Let's journey now into the future, shall we? As if we could.

Yes. You could get on a rocket and leave the Earth, attain light speed or greater and once having done so, return to the Earth. The theory says that having done all these things you will have traveled very far forward in time. Well, there are some very real problems here, too. First, you aren't going to attain light speed. Why? Because we don't possess the technology to allow you to do that, yet. Second, when we do have the technology to get past the trouble of how to keep ships and humans alive at those speeds we will also have to find the energy source that would be large enough to generate the amount of thrust needed to attain the speeds in the first place. Also we'll need to prefect the art of holding humans in stasis for very long periods and waking them, without issue, on cue. Guess what? It just became anything but feasible.

So, let's imagine that all the needs for time travel into the future where, somehow, met and we did do such a thing. Well, once we got to the future we would do well to remember that it is the future and one of two real possibilities exist. One, we are technologically or intellectually unfit to live among our fellow humans who have advanced through the years or, two, that we have gone far enough into the future to find that we've overshot a time in which humans live on Earth any longer. In the first instance we may find that we are condemned to be either museum or zoo exhibits or simply a burden on a society that has no use for us at all and therefore put quietly out of their misery. In the second instance, who can say how far into the future we, us humans, will survive? And if we find that we do overshoot the mark and come back to a time when either the planet is uninhabitable or when humans have died out or, for that matter, just plain left will we have enough blood lines on the ship to allow for a good breeding stock to replenish the Earth? Guess what? It's not feasible again.

This makes great fodder for movies and sci fi reading material, but in terms of anything that we will accomplish in the future, it's rubbish. Sorry, it is. The troubles don't just lie with our working out the technology issues, they lie in physics. Until we can change the laws of physics and mold them to suit our wants we shan't be traveling to the past or the distant future.

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