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A field of space and time appears to be the substratum of the mass-energy of the universe coinciding historically with it's dispersion 'outward. Space-time configured as it is at any point is what it is. It may be collapsible or perhaps subject to arbitrary acceleration along with mass, and it would seem then from a normal point of view to be pre-determined. Space-time concentrations such as at the beginning of the Universe or at singularities found at black holes may detach space-time from the regular continuum. Shannon entropy is said to be the loss of information equivalent to normal entropy and it has in theory been overcome in order to preserve the concept of the conservation of energy, yet space-time's disorganization is another interesting point of conjecture.

Can space-time lost to a pre-determined schedule in the history of the Universe through the impact of black hole formation and reduction of space-time be subject to the laws of entropy or of Shannon Entropy? Are space-time locations 'information' implicitly as meaningful to the Universe as the matter to anti-matter proportions or universal constants? Would it be possible to reassemble space-time disconformities in time-travel ventures without altering the order of space-time?

The underlying unified field providing an emanation of super-string vibrations or membrane prominences originating from a non-dimensional tie-in status would seem to be an interesting channel for conjecture about space traveling through time in any direction. If there is in some place a backdrop for the order of space-time and mass-energy that surrounds this Universe and would allow a skipping forward or backward maybe that would be it. It could be possible that the quantum uncertainty that is an implicit part of all mass and energy reflected even in a scalar field of magnitudes increasing mass-energy formations from smallest to larger and largest (such as the observable universe, planets and moons etc.) provides the spacing that permits change or motion in space and time to happen. One day a bright researcher may discover a how to book that would permit such ventures even if he or she must write if for themselves.

Here is a more traditional approach to space-time travel in more than one direction... Space-time united together in relativity theory means that it too hasn't cognizance of the existence of absolutely nothing. When space is united with time in describing the relationship of mass and energy in the Universe with tensor of calculus one is not philosophically or actually describing what the entire Universe is but instead how the mass energy in the Universe functions. The functions of mass-energy can be described with increasing degrees of accuracy with math and observation backing up the learned opinions about it. I am reminded of Thomas Aquinas' ideas about faith, reason and science however in considering the relationship of cosmological theory to reality'; for Aquinas science is to have backed up the faith one already has. Cosmology theory backs up the math and observational tools that one has.

Space-time warps may be a convention in relativity mathematical modeling, and they coincide with the astrophysical observations of the Universe to a certain extent. How far the accuracy goes is difficult to say, yet as space-time is compacted in black holes in theory to a singularity it cannot be certain what does actually occur.

Quantum cosmology definitely allows for non-locality of subatomic particles. All possible places in the Universe any individual particle might be is determined coincidentally with its actual position when noticed. Non-locality and universality exist in every aspect of the Universe it seems. The apparent Universe is something like a photographic negative warped around a flat plain in to a spherical shape. The picture has a lot of extra reality than the observer can be aware of in many respects, and the entire Universe may be thought to have many more such unusual properties by analogy. A book named 'New Theories of Everything' by Barrow 2007 has much mathematical review of contemporary theories of everything (cosmological theories). I will take a more conventional approach as a non-mathematician.

Time is a direction of the mass energy of the universe. Time is a sort of order in which particles and physical forces are associated. Thermodynamic probabilities mean that the Universe doesn't reverse its direction of time because the odds of doing so are greater than those of going forward. Reconstruction of select space-time locations in a reverse direction would be more complex, and likely would require some kind of intelligent design of local astrophysics alteration to occur.

Each location of space-time has its own degree of comparative space-time curvature. In areas with extreme curvature such as beyond the event horizon of black holes space-time could relate differently to extra-dimensions. It cannot be certain that mass-energy necessarily retains its usual relation to the standard four dimensions of the Universe when undergoing extreme disassociating forces. So what happens to the dimensions attached to the radicalized mass-energy then, does it receive some sort of collateral implicit change in regard to an ideal space-time continuum?

Augustine considered the book of Genesis and the concept of God as an eternal Being beyond temporality who created space-time from nothing. People before the big bang theory and after might argue about anything arising from nothing and though to be against it commonly. How can anything arise from absolutely nothing they might ask? The alternatives seem to be that the Universe always existed, that it came from some where else, or that it recurs forever on a closed loop. Even if one thinks that an issuance of new Universes from existing one occurs forever through space-time warps through space-time to real' new empty space the question still remains-where did it start?

Space-time travelers would not want to warp themselves right directly in to a new nowhere of empty space-time perhaps automatically compacted as a singularity. There seems to be a minimal force effort required to expand an instant Universe lacking in government energy plans. Maybe some would be happy enough to disassociate themselves from their grace-provided space-time and zip over to some other space-time in order to g-whiz the gang when one returns unaged while they have become dependents on globalist retirement hand-outs by compassionate liberals and conservatives. Space-time is a serious matter when extreme warps and time-traveling are concerned.

If God exists eternally and the Universe is a temporal process moving from beginning to end it is interesting to consider. With space-time warping the goal might better be to get out of time right unto that eternal day from which one can observe these space-time procedures perhaps with interest. Serious concerns exist at least for Christians about just trying to barge in to that day without end without going through the proper hoops as there is an alternative day without end it is speculated that could be very uncomfortable. Lets us then assume that the Universe could have had a start from nothing with the explanation that the Word of God made it expand like a singularity, zero-dimensional membrane or Higgs field at some point and avoid the seemingly unanswerable question of where-when did it really begin? Even the question of how did it exist forever recycling begs the question of how did that perpetual space-time universe machine get its nifty start?

Time travel ought to be possible even if it isn't other than as a wave expansion for humanity to ride on for a while...the Universe of course goes on its solitary course as one forest, one hope, one dream surging into being forever surpassing itself as a wondrous good.

Love should be a part of time travel. Love is part of the spiritual transcendence of the implicit epiphenomenal appearance and transcendence of forms in time. Scientist are aware of longer lasting things of course such as the life span of black holes or how many trillions of years it would take for Hawking radiation to let a black hole fade away, yet that is a superfluous way to look at space-time and mass energy perhaps-love is a better way to transcend someone

If time has extra-dimensions equivalent to extra spatial dimensions hypothesized by Super-String and M-Theories alternative methods of time travel may be possible, in fact many different times may simultaneously exist within contiguous extra-dimensional spatial dimensions. Extra time dimensions associated with extinction of time and space may arise simultaneously with virtual particle's appearance into standard space-time. The short life time existence of virtual particles or zero-point t=0 and mass energy equal near zero may violate the continuum of standard space-time, and may provide a window of understanding into the nature of quantum uncertainty, the cosmology of singularities and black hole infinite points...

Time travel within the standard model of space-time is a matter of accelleration through space. Time slows down the faster one goes relative to those stationary or travelling slower.

One of the interesting problems of time travel without associated space travel is the problem of a return to some sort of 'fixed point' in time, when such absolute places in space-time may not exist. As one searches for an absolute space-time context to depart from and return to it is possible that Chinese puzzle box space-time-within space-time parameters may exist co-presently ; there may be myriad universes perhaps simultaneously existing with their own individual space-time relative contexts, and those extra Universe may form up a meta-universal time context or space-time field themselves as components. Because space-time is usually considered to be a description of a location in the flow of a river metaphorically speaking of space-time exiting and returning to one particular point in that flow would require several simultaneous solutions of non-passage of space-time at each location. In effect a space-time traveler would need to travel from point A to point B without consuming any time for-themselves in either direction, and the time that is spent would need to be borrowed from a meta-space-time field.

Time travel probably isn't separable from space travel presently. Time travel other than in the prevailing currents of space-time's direction isn't feasible. What in theory is possible is still theory and unactualized as fact.

Feasible space-time continuum skipping time travel must implicitly be fungible intellectually a priori. Theoretical physics like theoretical mapping have reliability and accuracy only so far as one exchange what one has in speculation for what already intellectually is certain. Feasible space-time travel would require far more certainty than space shuttle travel that reversed safety criteria from nearly certain to somewhat uncertain. Feasible space-time travel within present quantum mechanics seems unfeasible, especially since the energy required is something more than that of any given galaxy, per construction of wormhole through space-time, if that would not yet crush the people traveling within (ref. 'How to Build a Time Machine' by Paul Davies)

Many physics writers have postulated that time travel outside of the usual space-time continuum isn't possible if it violates Einstein's principles of relativity and they are probably right. It would take more energy than is in this universe to 'tunnel' through space-time and bridge the gap between present and past, or past and future. It would be more feasible to create a locally owned business registry for the Internet and use in the United States so anyone in any of the 50 states would actually know if that Hotel is owned locally or if the Fun-times Cruise Lines affiliated with The Roof Industries of Moscow or Denmark actually are the parent corporation. If one wants to spend money locally and reinforce local business ownership how can it be done without local registration available in every city and state with a quick search?

Traveling future-way in time beyond Swarzenegger's 'Judgment Day' and beyond Asphalt's "Revenge of the Most Mechanically Invested " the local space-time continuum has become linked with locally owned electro-magnetic accelerator guide-paths and the solar system can be traversed in 2.5 months with the Fibonacci acceleration sequence to avoid high-g stress that crush the body. Humanity encapsulates itself in cosmic ray shielding ice-balls that melt away over the travel time in space leaving a delicious journey at the center of present space-time. Meanwhile back on earth the plodding and slow globalists have repressed local ownership. College graduates having reunions are confused and unable to know what hotel is locally owned to rent for the party and instead take out space at The Double bubble Inn. In the future there is a radical centrist turn away from globalism however and the soulless corporatists cashing out the independence of the United States are dealt a few swift body blows and uppercuts to the chin by a renewal of democracy.

The locally owned business registry is created for the United States by a revolutionary webpage design firm led by Luck Skytalker and Princess Delicious. They realize right away that advertisements on the webpage nationally and locally can input a modest revenue stream able to finance their researches into hyper-universal travel. The key they discover was too reverse the polarity of the dark energy of the universe...a virtual field below the Planck length barrier containing phenomenal alternate dimensions. Their initial experiments turn the existing universe one inside out in a sudden flip-flop of the space-time configuration falling just short of the Armageddon. Although no one notices the change of universal direction time exists sufficiently for the continuum to seem normal. Another dimension similar time is brought into existence that is neither space nor time yet containing a similar extensional capability. Thoughtfully Luck and Delicious have listed the results of their researches with a small locally owned company listed in the locally owned business registry and the evil corporatists selling out the United States for quick cash profits did not discover it before individual citizens do.

Considering further the subject of Einstein's general and special theories of relativity in the context of space-time extraordinary travel let me raise some of these points...

1) Photons-massless and traveling at 'light speed' have not experienced passage of time subjectively

2) Space-time is of one nature. If one gives a certain nominal value to space-time potential such as 100 it may be apportioned in the 'world-line' of any particular piece of matter in any combination of travel and time passage. If one travels half the speed of light in a circle around the Earth one's use of one's own potential has say given 50% to space travel and 50% to time travel while a comparable person on Earth starting from the same point that never left the couch has spent his or her 100 points of time-space travel as 100% time and zero percent space. This relationship persists even if the space-traveler just flies at half the speed of light in a circle around the Earth. The interesting point about space-time relativity in this context is that it is traveling through space at a faster relative speed of motion slows the subjective experience of the passage of time instead of the gross distance such as in a straight line through space.

Space-time seems to be such a phenomenon in convertibility of each component experienced by subjective mass, perhaps all mass having relativistic relationships with other mass because of it's own subjective velocity of travel in the universal field transcending space-time, as does the relationship of convertibility of mass and energy given in Einstein's famous equation e=mc 2. The essential convertibility of mass and energy at the speed of light squared probably has some deeper meanings known better to physicists than I.

Perhaps the field equations for relationships of relativistic effects and mass and energy are not integrated sufficiently to understand how one may delete a particle compound from space-time and place it someplace in the prior history of space-time.

Some have written that if one could tunnel through space-time faster than light to appear at the present time billions of light years distant one could look at the light of the Earth's past that had taken billions of years to travel so distant and thus 'look' into the past, yet jumping back across to that time would be as improbable as the shortcut to the distant place initially.

It may be in better understanding of some newer field equations about the relationship of mass-energy space-time, light and other massless particles as well as all though possible other dimensions that possibilities of better time travel than just having it pass relatively slower for me than for you if I travel a large percent of the speed of light will develop. Mass becomes nearly infinite for anything traveling close to the speed of light, yet light is massless so it's no problem for the little packets of wave-particles, while gravity diminishes at the square root of the distance in normal space time. Gravity and space-time, relativity mass and energy are all worth considering over and over in thinking about membranes, recursive universes, alternate universes and the Global Depotization of every place on Earth potentially.

Contemplating alternate relationships of the way essential physical force tie in to each other within the apparent macro-cosmic universe such as the search for a cube root basis for gravity somewhere just above the plank length may provide another way of looking at space and time together as well as the human experience of traveling within it. Probably physicists are examining such matters yet I am not aware of that. It is known that physicists may consider any sort of field theory relationship and material manifestation of that such as strings, branes, waveforms in collapsed uncertainty appearances and such that comprise topics of interest to living people and the way they construct a Kantian phenomenal criterion of experiencing or interpreting the unified field.

Physical fields and relationships to them differ not only relatively for time and position but for context of mass including that of humanity as well. The history of the universe itself as a pre-determined consequence of initial boundary conditions has several macro-field factors again relatively that require the presence of various components of it. Redesign of a given universe and its space-time elements should require some sort of competent knowledge of not only the entire history and composition of the universe and all of its boundary conditions but of the consequences of intelligent alterity to it as well. Even adding certain blocks or regions of one space-time into another might have interesting consequences, and it dark energy is a virtual string from another dimension appearing in this universe as vacuum energy the reciprocals of collapse into probabilistic appearance in this universe could be meaningfully disturbed by redistribution of space-time fields outside the continuum in this universe and extra contiguous dimensions with various space-times for-themselves.

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