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Psychology, The study of the human mind, a worthy profession of scientific nature. Or is it yet another money spinning scheme set up by people with the pure intent of suckering the desperate and depressed, fill them with the hope that more sessions shall improve their condition and then sit back, emitting "mms" and "ahs" watching the money roll in? Having a fair knowledge of what it is like to be in a seemingly hopeless psychological experience, I decided to write this article, to help people decide whether they really need to spend big bucks on fairly expensive and rather dubious treatment or some good old fashioned positive thought control!

 Before I begin I must add that I am no psychological expert and this is merely an opinion based through experience. What is the common psychologist goer suffering from? Depression? Insomnia? These are all valid medical conditions in the modern world and in the modern world there is always a cure. So psychology was born, claiming that the mind could repair any condition, just with the help of some extraordinary sessions. Sometimes these methods work with spectacular results, other times failing without grace. All in all not providing the conclusive evidence needed for scientific acceptance.

 However I have seen the miraculous fruits of this style of mental healing, particularly of which when a wheel-bound women (she was a sufferer of M.E.) walked out of the think positive lecture (known as the lightning process) after a couple of hours pushing her wheel chair! To me at the time,  I thought it was a hoax but the success stories kept rolling! Surely now, this idea is a proven reality! Well, no. Some people say that it is far too good to be true, inventing myths of any kind to tarnish this processes reputation. I can understand this negative reaction, and simply cannot counter argue for I do not have the Knowledge.

Now to go on the flip side, is psychology  just a money making machine? There is a lot of money to be made in America in the mental business, I bet that almost half of what is earnt is through deception and mental trickery, producing the temporary affect upon the patient that everything is "OK" then simply throw around a million anti-depressant pills at them! It is this blatant thievery that gives psychology a bad name!

So to conclude, the business is mixed with miracle workers and charlatans all vying for attention in a world that is increasingly becoming aware of the power of the human noggin.

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