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Proposals to Stop Global Warming

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"Proposals to Stop Global Warming"
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While global warming may be one of the biggest topics on the forefront of discussion right now, it is also one of the most difficult world problems to solve. There are so many different countries around the world that are creating massive amounts of pollution, that controlling and regulating enough of them in order to make a real difference would be quite difficult. Not to mention nearly impossible in developing countries, as many of these businesses are barely making it as it is. If they were required to modify their factories and equipment to produce far less pollution, they would be unable to operate. This of course would create an even worse economic situation in many of these countries than already exists. However, the major players in the world can still make a huge difference if they really start working on it now. If the United States alone would make a harder stance on pollution, it would have a profound impact on the world pollution levels and if just a few more countries would come on board, the problem could be slowed considerably.

Some major things that we do include :

Developing better vehicles. While we have hybrid vehicles already, governments need to give more incentives to owning these vehicles. By doing this, more people are going to be inclined to purchase them. This includes the need for better fuels, such as those made from corn or hydrogen. Currently they have proven that the hydrogen car can and does work and just as well as any other car, with absolutely no pollution. This of course would be a huge improvement in the current situation. If the government would be more supportive of this technology, then more vehicles could be rolled out of the factories that would make a big impact on the overall environment as other vehicles are phased out.

Develop better manufacturing processes. While there are numerous technologies that allow companies to use lasers, water power, and wind in order to power and operate their facilities, the technology needs to be furthered developed and made less expensive. Once these technologies are found to be less expensive, more factories will adopt them and become virtually pollution free.

Changing our source of power. We need to move away from being dependent upon fossil fuels. By changing our power to wind, water, and solar power we will be able to provide a much better environment for future generations. We could do something as simple as installing solar panels on the roofs of every building that is built into the future. By doing this, it may increase the costs slightly for each home, but it would also reduce the need for electricity from each home at the same time.

Changing light bulbs. In Australia, they have made it illegal to use standard light bulbs. By making this move, Australia is saving an incredible amount of energy as the more modern bulbs while more expensive initially only have to be replaced every 5-10 years, creating less waste in landfills, while at the same time they require less energy, which will require less load and less pollution from power plants.

Ultimately there are a lot of things that can be done in order to lower pollution levels, the problem is that the major issues can't be solved without sweeping resolutions for massive changes over time. But if we don't start working on these resolutions now, we're going to be faced with a much bigger problem in the future that just won't be manageable anymore.

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