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Proposals to Stop Global Warming

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Humans have already demolished hundreds of millions of acres; roughly two-thirds, of the earth's rain forest. It is estimated that by the year 2030, only a fifth of the natural forest will remain. This ignorance is apparent for America has cut down over ninety-five percent of the mature forest in which greeted European settlers in the seventeenth century. Half of all the trees cut down by man are used to make paper. America's demand for wood products out weighs metals, plastics, and cement combined.

To meet our overwhelming demand, we allow and/or pay companies to go into forest that sustain life to more than half of all the plant and animal kingdoms. The effect is that every single day, an estimated thirty-five species of life goes extinct, leading to over 27,000 species a year. The curse is humanity - the cure, is educating humanity.

This is no opinion, but rather a harsh reality of the damage we are implicating. We often wonder if there will ever be a cure for terminal illness's such as Aids and Cancer. Well, unfortunately, at the rate humans are destroying the forest; it is possible that certain cures may have already gone extinct as well. As quickly as man chops down his nourishing mother (nature); he also cuts himself down, for we are all one. If you observe anyone suffering from a terminal illness, you will find that these diseases eat from within, much like humans do to nature. No individual deserves to suffer as much as one does in the latter stages of such deadly diseases. Countless people from all around the world will be diagnosed with terminal illness's and we can not find the cure or do nothing about it.

Still we search for the cure, and never question the cause. To find the cure and prevent terminal illness's from humanity; we must acknowledge and abide by the laws of nature, we must learn to listen within. All diseases are energy patterns and/or messages from nature. What we do to nature, is being done to us. We are the creators of these diseases, no one else is doing this to us, but ourselves. When humans choose to pollute the air, while destroying earth's forest, we are taking nature's air filters - the trees. Without these massive air filters both the land below and the ozone above begin to deteriorate. As of today, this causes weather patterns to alter and storms to surge; however in the near future, it will inevitably be means to a horrific transition - from "el nino" to "el Diablo".

Blinded by their imaginary boundaries, they have dumped tons of raw sewage and other hazardous materials into our once pristine oceans, lakes and rivers; never comprehending the true consequences. The water in various parts of the world is contaminated so badly, that people can no longer eat or drink from these waters for lifetimes to come. There are portions of earth where man has prohibited himself to enter for thousands of years, when he decided to release radio active particles, in the testing of nuclear weapons. These test still contribute to the acidification of our natural resources; giving us a unspeakable glimpse, of the lack of life our earth shall become, if we are to partake in nuclear war.

The human species has invaded the forest, corrupted the waters, and now we are eroding ozone layer at an un-repairable rate. Thus far, we have managed to pollute the land, water, and air; nature's mind, body and soul. Why?

Terminal illness's are new life forms emerging within us; doing to us, what we have done to nature. If we protect and appreciate nature, nature will protect and appreciate her creation - humainty. A creation she had utter most faith in when designing us as a species that would not take her or human life for granted. Through our thoughts, Mother Nature grants humans power over our personal fate and the fate of earth. No other species can destroy our planet as we are, or create such amazement upon it, as humanity can! Just as we must embrace one another, regardless of our opinions, cultures, beliefs, color, etc.; so we must learn to embrace the spectacular plants and animals of this world. They are put here for a reason and humans have no right to extinct them for any reason.

To become one with nature; one protects, respects and honors her at all times. Every minute of everyday, an area of the rain forest equivalent to six American football fields is being destroyed by humanity.

The human race allows these rich companies to enter forest, that do not even belong to us, nor them and destroy nature that sustains life. This global crime goes completely ignored, for they believe, that it has no immediate effect on us now and/or that it will eventually grow back. Sadly enough, these two-hundred to five-hundred year old trees will not grow back for centuries to come; that is if they can grow through the erosion at all. Because of Countries similar to America, (especially America) the natural rain forest of this wondrous world are perishing.

Our money hungry leaders are leading humanity to the termination of that which sustains life on this planet; the atmosphere - Mother Nature's will power. If there is no forest, than there is no ozone layer, no ozone layer, and no life. Get that? Good, because we are running out of time, by blinding ourselves with petty crimes and overseeing the real crime at hand.

The solution to saving whatever rain forest still exist, depends upon the decision to legalize and cultivate hemp now. The US Department of agriculture clearly stated that one acre of hemp can produce 4.1 times more paper than an acre of trees. Reread this sentence, for in it lies the solution to global warming. You have already learned that our demand for paper is over-whelming. Why then, do we allow ignorant officials to kill off our remaining forest and endanger the world's eco system?

Our world demands numerous products from tree and cotton; anything that can be made from these two resources, can be made out of hemp, far superior and faster. We allow and/or pay individuals to cut down massive trees that have existed for centuries, causing endless suffering to natives and inhabitants of those lands. We allow this to occur, when hemp takes no more than one hundred days to fully grow, an amazing 16 feet tall,and yield relief and benefits unheard of.

Our world is headed in an era of global warming and the ruination of the ozone layer. All because trees are cut down, to suffice the prohibition of hemp. If we continue in this path, the earth and all that live upon it will suffer, and eventually we will fry in our own demise. Like that stupid anti-drug commercial - Any Questions? Good - for all of this will occur, because humanity will not use it's common sense. Open your eye's humanity, before they shut forever!

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