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Problems with Floridas Corals

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"Problems with Floridas Corals"
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Florida's corals have declined about 80% over the past three decades. These corals are monitored daily because of problems associated with human activities. Some problems are diseases and bleaching. Coastal resources are under a great deal of stress due to high populations and coastal development. Shoreline erosion is also damaging coral habitat. Beach nourishment projects have been known to interfere with coral reefs. These reefs are often smothered by sediments and reduced water clarity. They are also deprived of light. Corals require light for photosynthesis.

Dredge and fill projects are another problem the coral reef ecosystems suffer from. Constructions of seawalls and docks are another. These projects have a direct impact on the corals and destroys them. Pollution and contaminants that are carried through storm drains and travel to Florida's waterways have an extreme negative impact on these corals. Pollution from humans who live many miles from the coast cause damage to the corals too. Boaters, divers and fishermen have also been known to cause damage to the corals. Ships that drop anchors often crush them.

Global warming is another problem that has shrunken the coral reefs. Global warming has contributed a lethal threat of the coral reefs. The increasing acidic ocean waters kill them. There will be more problems with these corals if the greenhouse gas levels continue to rise. Corals are located around the world, but they are also dying around the world. Corals provide much support for thousands of species in the sea. Corals greatly benefit the environment and people because they are known to protect the shores from the impact of waves and storms. They provide many great benefits to people in the form of food and medication. They also provide many economic benefits from tourism.

Coral reefs are not only raising concerns in Florida, but around the whole world. Coral bleaching is caused by the global climate change. Tourism developments in Florida and the development of coastal areas are a leading problem. When these corals are exposed at extremely low tides this presents problems too. Many people are trying to protect and save these coral reefs from destruction, but it just does not seem to be happening soon enough because corals have a very slow growth rate. Many people come from all regions of the world to Florida to see these beautiful corals that are now being damaged and destroyed. It is a very sad situation to see beautiful corals die.

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