Probablility of Detecting Extrasolar Civilizations

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"Probablility of Detecting Extrasolar Civilizations"
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Maybe an extrasolar civilization has already been detected and contacted at some time in the distant past. There is an ancient legend about a set of thirteen crystal skulls that were supposedly created by extraterrestrials in Atlantis. If you believe in the legend, here's what is said about links between those crystal skulls and extraterrestrials.

According to the people who buy into this, the crystal skulls communicate through sensitives and mental focalizers who can readily connect with beings not from our world just by applying their psychometry and scrying techniques. Extraterrestrial non-Cartesians are credited with helping to create the skulls. They showed the Atlanteans how to carve them. Down through the ages, sensitives have seen their images inside the skulls. They provide wisdom and comfort from time to time. But not on command. The skulls seem to give up their secrets on their own time schedules.

There's a famous incident that happened in Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947. By that time, twelve of the skulls had been recovered. Most had been lost for centuries. Numbers ten and eleven and twelve had been found in the early years of World War II. Only number thirteen remained lost. On that fateful day in 1947 when the crash took place at Roswell, the skulls suddenly all came to life. Curators in the British Museum of Man reported that day that the Aztec Skull lit up brilliantly with amber light. When the museum curators opened the glass case holding the skull to take a closer look at the light, they all said they heard a faint humming coming from the crystal. As if that wasn't enough, the curators at the Trocadero Museum of Paris and the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. reported exactly the same conditions with the crystal skulls in their possession. F.A. Mitchell-Hedges, a private owner of one skull which he named the Skull of Doom, received an actual message of contact through this Skull of Doom. The frightened non-Cartesians managed to get out a kind of S.O.S. just before impact in the desert. The purpose of their mission that day had been to pinpoint the location of the thirteenth skull. With that information, we now know the location is somewhere out in the Southwest. Even in their tragic final moments, they were adding to our knowledge about the crystal skulls.

Three of the crew didn't die in the crash. As they lay injured in the hostile New Mexico sand, they used their power of mind to communicate in the only way still available to them through the crystal skulls. They continued sending their dying telepathic messages even while they were being brutally transferred by military planes to a top-secret location. That location later proved to be Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. Mitchell-Hedges continued receiving his transmissions in real time. Other skulls recorded those final transmissions. Over the years since 1947, sensitives have been fortunate enough to be allowed to retrieve those final transmissions in scrying sessions, and those transmissions stopped when the surviving three non-Cartesians died on the autopsy tables.

Through the years, human sensitives in contact with the skulls have been kept informed by other non-Cartesians about many things that the government wishes to hide. There was great flurry of activity less than ten years ago. In early 1995. One of the twelve skulls somehow had fallen into the hands of our government. They probably just confiscated one from a museum on the pretense of national security. I suppose another possibility is that they might have found number thirteen. Since 1947 we've known that it was in our own country somewhere out west. The government operatives had fifty years to find it, and maybe by 1995 they finally did it. At around that same time, the government seized 4,000 acres of private land from several ranchers out in Nevada right next to Area 51. Everybody knows about Area 51. Then they built a new airstrip on their new stolen land. The first planes to land there were jumbo transports that flew in directly from Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. Here's the thing. Those of us outside of the government wouldn't know about any of this if we didn't have sensitives working with the crystal skulls.

Crazy as it sounds, this is the legend. When I first became aware of this story, I immediately jumped on the Internet and Googled "Groom Lake." Military activity is almost impossible to track on the Web. But land transactions are a matter of public record. That also includes land transactions that involve the military. In April 1995, the Air Force seized 4,000 acres of land out in a region of Groom Lake, Nevada, adjacent to the Tonopah Airfield. Tonopah Airfield is better known by the name of Area 51. That land seizure was just thirteen years ago, long after the Cold War, and long after all the development work on the Stealth aircraft. All this took place while the government was tellingus they were opening up more public access out there. Actually, they've massively increased the area of off-limits land there. One has to wonder if the truth about extrasolar civilizations will ever become known to the general public.

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