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Preparing for a Snowstorm

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"Preparing for a Snowstorm"
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Whether you live in the country or the city, a house or an apartment, it is important to be prepared for a snowstorm. Taking time to prepare, will be a crucial part of facing the storm in comfort.

Power Outages

Power outages happen often in snowstorms due to the weight of snow or ice that has accumulated on the power lines. To make sure that you have everything you may need in case this happens, it would be best to first make a list. At least a three day supply of dried and canned foods along with plenty of water should be on hand for such emergencies. It would be best to have a seven day supply, just in case. The water would not only be necessary for drinking and washing, but also may be needed for flushing the toilet or other such necessities.

In addition to food and water you will want to make sure you have working flashlights with extra batteries. It would be wise to also have candles and a radio that is battery operated. A battery operated clock would come in handy as well.

It would be a good idea to gather the family in to one room while closing off other rooms to conserve your heat.

Becoming Snowed In

Another situation that may arise is that you may find yourself snowed in, thereby preventing you from leaving your home or apartment. When facing this issue, there is no replacement for preparedness. Having equipment ready to shovel or plow yourself out of your driveway would be very important. If a shovel would easily serve your needs, just make sure that you keep it close to the door of your home so that you have easy access to it. On the other hand, if you have a long driveway, you would probably need a snow plow. Make sure to have plenty of fuel on hand to operate it if that is the case.

Heat Source

Having a backup heat source is a good idea just in case the first one stops working or if you lose electricity. If you have a fireplace or wood stove, be sure to keep extra dry wood available and handy. In the case of an oil heater, make sure that your tank is full of oil before the storm hits.

Additional Supplies

There are many other items that may often be needed, but yet easily overlooked when making your list. An extra supply of paper products such as toilet paper and tissue will be needed if you are homebound for a few days. Also, if you have small children or senior citizens in the home, they may have daily or special needs that you will need to prepare for. These may include diapers, medications, and more. It is important to have extra of them on hand, in case making a trip to the store becomes difficult. Having a well stocked first aid kit and fire extinguisher is also a must and everyone in the household should know how to use both.


In order to ensure that you will be able to keep cooking meals during this time, it would be wise to get a camping stove or grill ready for cooking purposes. Make sure whatever you chose as your alternative cooking source, is kept in good working order and at a convenient location.


Pet supplies should also be on hand and stocked up for the care of any pets in the home during a snowstorm. These should of course include food and water, litter, and any medication for your animals.

Frozen Pipes

As someone that has lived in an area of the country where frequent snow storms and below freezing temperatures are common in winter, I have learned to prepare. I strive to keep the faucets dripping and to wrap the pipes under the house, to help prevent freezing. It is very inconvenient to suddenly be aware of having no running water available, so this is a tip worth considering during your preparations for a snow storm.

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