Preparing for a Hysterectomy

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"Preparing for a Hysterectomy"
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When a young woman is given the verdict, that only a hysterectomy will take care of the problem, it feels like you were just hit by a truck. Only older women are supposed to have to deal with surgery. It involves a lot of thought and consideration to make this decision, for it is a permant thing.

For a young woman, it means no chance of bearing any children or more children. To prepare yourself for this big a step and life changing sugery, you need to be very clear.

You first need to go and get at least two other doctors to examine you and get their opinion.Don't take the first opinion, there have been cases where, the patient did not need

the surgery, and if they had received more then one opinion.

Second you need to discuss the matter with all of those who you consider close and confidential. Input from others who love you will help you in your decision. Give them all the facts, let them know how the surgery will effect your life day to day. How long the recovery will be and the help you will need to recover.

Third, check out the hospital and surgery staff at the one you are going to be using. Check out the percentage records of success for the surgeon, anathesiologist, and how qualified the nursing staff is. Check for any mal practice suites against the surgeon and hospital. These will help you in the process, You do not want to trust one who has a high percentage of suites.

Fourth take a tour of the hospital and operating room ask questions about the procedure. If they are not willing to comply with your request, see if the doctor will give you a list of other hospitals he uses and check them out and make a decision.

Fifth, make sure all your affairs are in order, that way when you are in hospital and recovering, the ones who you depend on can do so easily, and you can concentrate on recovering. This is important, so you can get on your feet faster.

The day you go to the hospital, make sure you have all your important papers in order, pack everything you need and take with you. It saves you time and keeps things flowing smoothly. Listen to every word the hospital staff says carefully to understand the jargon if you don't understand something ask them to explain, this is your body and your money, ask questions. Read all the paper work twice and ask questions.

Take yourself things you like to do, because it can get boring in there after a couple of days. the first couple you will be sleeping and to tired to do much. take puzzel books , paper work , books to read. Things you like to do.

Above all get all the information up front on the surgery the people involved and the cost. Mske the best decision for your health and life.

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