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Preparing for a Hurricane

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"Preparing for a Hurricane"
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Preparing for a hurricane doesn't require much time and effort when one is ready and had made preliminary efforts to safeguard their home and family. In case of the event of inclement weather, that a hurricane should arrive, being well planned is essential to reap the minimal effects of the monstrous storm. Discussed below are crucial guidelines to consider in preparation for a hurricane.

Inspect your home: make sure your drains are not cluttered with debris this way it can continue the flow of excess water. Make sure the gutters are properly intact because if they are loose they can be wiggled apart from the home. In the yard, check for dead tree limbs and trim them off as they can present a hazard during the hurricane if blown off and cause unnecessary property and personal damage.

Establish a hurricane plan: This is important so that you and your family will know exactly what to do especially, if there are elderly, handicap, young children, and pets to consider. Make sure there is some sort of provisions to seek shelter from relatives that live in a safe area or public shelters. Have a list of important numbers of neighbors and friends and mail to relatives that live in a different area. Take inventory and photographs of valuable items. Have a water proof container to contain all important papers like life insurance policies, birth certificates, deeds, and titles to house, property, car, etc and any other important documents. Make sure identification is readily available for you and each family member to have on hand. If you have pets make sure provisions are made to have them placed into a kennel or friend or relative to take care of them.

A hurricane kit: It is important to have a hurricane kit as power and electricity maybe out of commission for quite some time and that some establishments may not be in operation. The hurricane kit should be a two week supply of the following items: canned food, a battery operated radio, candles, flashlight, water, emergency medical first aid kit, extra prescriptions refilled, can opener, matches, or lighter, toiletry items, plastic utensils, paper plates, Styrofoam cups, garbage bags, sleeping bags, blankets, lantern, fuel that is stored in a metal container, water purification tablets and mosquito repellents.

Hurricane Watch is announced

The National Weather Service deems that a hurricane could possibly strike your area with in 24-48 hours. This is the time to take precautions and to make sure that everything is in order so that you know exactly what to do. Keeping listening to the local news on the latest developments of the hurricane, make sure all supplies are ready for transport; refuel your vehicle(s), obtain cash from a bank, objects that are outside need to be secured, or put inside your home, move furniture away from windows and place plastic over them, tape windows, and pull curtains, blinds, and shelters, Call family and friends and tell them your plans, have refrigerator as it's highest setting, put valuables and important documents in water proof containers, and if you have pets have shelter arranged.

Hurricane warning is announced

This means that a hurricane is expected to strike your area in the next 24 hours and that you need to make plans to leave. Before leaving your home make sure that all appliances are unplugged, eat before you leave because many shelters may not provide a meal right away, have proof of residency documents, identification, utility bills, insurance papers, and other important documents on hand. Turn off your main power, gas, and water, have all supplies packed and ready for transport, head to the nearest shelter or relatives home with a hurricane evacuation route that has already been established. Good Luck!

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