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Predictions on Global Warming and Relocation Problems of Humans

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"Predictions on Global Warming and Relocation Problems of Humans"
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Forecasts for how much our planet will warm up vary from computer model to computer model. Predictions of how long it will take, and how much temperatures will rise
differ by the data fed into the computer models. One thing that seems to remain the same in all this is the increase, or speeding up of the warming process.

Our wonderful planet is changing, and the changes are drastic. As a result of the catastrophic changes which have began to take place, an ostrich effect began to
happen. Unable to face these gloomy facts, many choose to deny, or hide from them.

However, now, through the tremendous efforts of Al Gore and many others like him,
a milestone has been reached. Global warming is generally accepted as a true fact.

Sea levels are rising, this fact, however terrible; is proven, documented, and here to stay.

The computers models disagree on how much and how soon the sea levels will rise. But many people including me, believe that coastal regions, where most of the people who dwell on this planet live; will be flooded over. Low-lying coastal regions will disappear.

This means that countless millions of people will be displaced. With such an extreme task upon us, isn't it time to at least begin to make plans for this gigantic migration and displacement?

I think one of the sad truths to this is; people will not move until they have to, or until they believe that they must move. Moving is such a hassle anyway.

Pre-Katrina New Orleans is a good example of this. It was known that if a category 5 hurricane hit that charming city, the disaster would be compounded by the fact that a large part of New Orleans was below sea level. But, that part of the story was generally ignored. Now, after Katrina, it's a lot harder to ignore that hard fact.

A lot of people were displaced. This "forced" migration of so many people had a significant affect on America. Step up that happening by about a thousand times and maybe that will help you to visualize what is in the making!

It is my hope and prayer that a process will begin to seriously consider and address what is coming our way, in the form of rising sea levels.

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