Predicting the next Phase of Human Evolution

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"Predicting the next Phase of Human Evolution"
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Considering what passes for culture these days, whether it is music, literature, or film, it is quite possible that human beings have reached the apex of their evolutionary potential. The next phase of human evolution just might be devolution.

Many scientists believe that devolution is not possible because they contend that human evolution is not directional; the "experts" contend that humans evolve due to natural selection and genetic mutation. While this may be true on a purely physical level, it cannot be applied to humans on a cultural level, since cultural development is not the result of either natural selection or genetic mutation.

Evidence of cultural devolution is everywhere. Compare the language skills of today to the language skills of our forefathers. Chances are, when your great-grandfather was courting your great-grandmother, he did not write a love later saying, "Oh, baby, you're so fine! Let's get our freak on!" Compare the music of today with that of the classical period. If devolution did not exist, Britney Spears would have appeared on the human timeline hundreds of years before Beethoven or Mozart. When looking at the evolution of music, it is easy to see that mankind has regressed, rather than progressed.

Further evidence can be seen in literature. If human cultural development is progressive, Harry Potter would have been written hundreds of years before Hamlet. The fact that the human species has gone from Hamlet to Moll Flanders to War and Peace to The Grapes of Wrath to The Devil Wears Prada is indisputable proof of literary devolution, not evolution.

No field of human cultural expression is exempt from the epidemic of devolution. Can the journalistic integrity of modern-day newspeople like Geraldo Rivera or Nancy Grace compare to Kronkite or Murrow? Is McDonald's an improvement over home-cooked meals? Is Conan O'Brien the evolved version of Johnny Carson? Are steroid-fueled athletes like Barry Bonds or Roger Clemens an improvement over naturally-gifted athletes such as Hank Aaron or Joe DiMaggio?

And let's not forget Hollywood, the very microchosm of societal devolution. The Golden Age of Tinseltown gave us "Gone With the Wind" and "Citizen Kane" and "Casablanca". What has the Modern Age of Tinseltown given us? "Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle", "Dumb and Dumber", and "Half Baked", along with dozens of remakes and recycled plotlines. Our Hollywood heroes were Humphrey Bogart and Jimmy Stewart and Audrey Hepburn. Now we stand in line to buy tickets to see the latest Rob Schneider or Adam Sandler opus.

In conclusion, I would like to point of that the so-called "experts", the opponents of devolution, are themselves an example of the devolution which they claim does not exist. They are not the likes of Newton or Pasteur or Einstein. They are the Pauly Shores and the Jessica Simpsons and the J.K. Rowlings of science.

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