Predicting the Future of Humans Inhabiting other Planets

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"Predicting the Future of Humans Inhabiting other Planets"
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Will humans ever inhabit other planets, or is that just science fiction fantasy? If I had my say, humans would absolutely be inhabiting other planets, and we would be doing so as soon as possible. We would already be back on the Moon, and a trip to Mars would be my first priority. Not only would it be cool to go to another planet, and establish a presence there, it may be our only option for survival in the future. I think that we need to stop squabbling about whether or not to go to Mars, and beyond, and just do it already.

Human beings will be on other planets sometime in our future, and it is because we will have to go beyond the Earth someday. I don't foresee us having a permanent presence on another planet in my lifetime, and probably not in our children's lifetimes either, but I think that sooner or later we will have people on other planets. I think this will be the case for the same reasons that the early explorers came to the western part of the world.

First it was for adventure, then as America became better known, it was a place of opportunity. The Puritans came over to escape religious persecution, and many Europeans came because they thought it was good place to find opportunity, and to have a better life for their families. If the same thing were to happen on another planet, you bet that people would want to leave this planet, and go to a place where they would have the chance to succeed.

Not only could people find a better life, but we could find extra resources, and have places from which we could learn all sorts of scientific things. Without the atmosphere of the Earth, we can put telescopes on the Moon, and see farther into space, and not have to sort through the glare of the atmosphere. We could learn about the effects of long term exposure to low gravity, we could look for evidence of life on Mars, and all sorts of other projects.

It would bring a sense of pride, and excitement to the human race. Instead of being a bickering species fighting over the limited resources of one planet, there would be the opportunity to see ourselves as a space-faring race, and maybe we would finally see ourselves as too advanced for the petty bickering among peoples that we see today. If we saw ourselves in terms of the universe, our problems would seem small, and we might work harder to overcome them.

Humans will inhabit other planets one day. For right now, we don't have the means necessary to travel much farther than Mars, but even that is still moving on to another planet. I think that one day we will have the means to go wherever we want, but for now just going to the Moon, and to Mars is a good start. Humanity will have to branch out one day in order to survive, and since life strives for survival, I think our instinct will kick in, and we will go where we have to go in order to keep living.

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