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Undeniably, the hardships Americans are facing are unprecedented, something not many of us have witnessed in recent history, but in the middle of the gloominess many folks are emerging spiritually and morally victorious. It seems once again America is finding its moral center as our nation and folks are becoming more compassionate and selfless as they step up to the plate to help those who are less fortunate. There are many signs of this happening, especially in the area of volunteering.

What is most surprising is the unprecedented number of teens who, several years ago were probably occupied with the latest fashions, are giving of themselves unselfishly as they volunteer in record numbers to perform public service. It proves that out of the bad, we often find the best in ourselves. Folks are losing some of their fears and are emerging from isolation in greater numbers as they reach out to one anothers; they are also learning to embrace each other because they know that only together will they overcome the adversities.

There is also an aura of patience enveloping America as folks get away from the microwave mentality. They are hearing daily that the crisis gripping America will not be solved overnight and that it may take months or even years to resolve. It is finally penetrating through their fog of disbelief many had that such a financial debacle could not happen in America is actually happening.

Many folks are seeing the possessions they took for granted just a few years ago are now going or they are gone and there is no evidence they will soon recoup their losses, but many are not necessarily crying over their misfortunes. The possessions they still have are being bartered with their neighbors and friends and in addition to acquiring new possessions, they seem more relaxed and happier. Americans are once again reaching out and losing some of their fears; they are learning not to be afraid to give or to receive help.

Statistics show there are fewer divorces as couples remain together and work through their disagreements rather than head to divorce courts. This is happening in part because they lack the funds to hire attorneys, but there is a more noteworthy side to this data: imagine the emotional and financial impact on the health and security of children as they will grow up in two-parent households. If there is a plus to what is happening, that is it.

There is also evidence that parents who once worked 40+ hours per week are spending more time with their families and are engaged in all the things parents of old did together as families, such as taking trips together to museums, libraries, movies, going on short road trips, and simply walking in the parks. Families are pooling their finances and are taking vacationing together.

We Americans as a nation, and individually, are resilient and we will bounce back more energized than ever, but I believe the memories of what we have experienced and are experiencing will always be there to remind us about the important things in our lives. We will have learneed never to take anything for granted, especially our families.

Probably over the next year or so, there will continue to be challenges and obstacles, but if we remember what is important, we will emerge stronger than ever and we will have memories that will be more valuable than gold.

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