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Possible Benefits of Global Warming

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"Possible Benefits of Global Warming"
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The possible benefits of global warming? Well in my opinion this dilemma will either make us or break us. This is an old cliché, but a very true one also. Global warming may flood our continents and redeem the land of earth and bury it below a blanket of salted water whilst the sun burns us to a crispy cinder before deep freezing us, leaving fresh running water a hard resource to obtain with constant earthquakes and eruptions, large super volcano's emitting unbelievable amounts of gases and soothe, dirtying and thickening our air and water and which in turn blocks our sun light and creates series upon series of super cell storms which can last for years.

How is this benefit? Well as climate changes so will people. Only the blind and the ignorant will fall to there knees and admit Armageddon. Global warming is possibly a cycle of the earth. It is not a meteor from space in which we have survived and in our primitive form, with out technology or insulated homes. With only raw hided animal skins and fires that took a long cold morning to light with hard grafting and tough bodies to keep fueled in the chilled shattering air of the ice-age.

Sure it will probably kill billions, but we have to keep hope. The key to survival is to adapt to any environment and understand what one needs to do to survive within that environment. Just as the former man of the ice-age adapted and advanced because of their situation and the same will apply with us and our situation.

To advance in this situation people must first understand the errors of their ways and then must remedy their faults. This is major education and much needed information for evolution. To make us or to break us. To break us like so many animals before us or to make us and help us break boundaries and find solutions. Give us more understanding on the planet and its different moods and not to take for granted, to work harder on caring and sharing. Less waste and more motivation, more questions, theories, philosophies and solutions. More answer and progression and follow our purpose what ever it may be.
May we all die trying, but we will still have lived for a cause. That same cause that has helped us survives through any situation of any disaster. That instinct that tells us to do what we do. Like the instincts we are born with. To yell out and announce that we are here and here to stay as long as we can survive and will use anything you throw at us as a benefit to our survival.

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