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When I think of the words police behavior I laugh. To me a police pfficer is supposed to be someone that you can trust and someone that you feel comfortable with. I have lived in the state of new mexico for twenty one years and never in my life have I felt comfortable around any kind of officer. On the date of February 13, 2009 my family and I moved to Albuquerque from Gallup. We got in late and we had just unloaded the beds so that we could get some sleep. The family was hungry and the only people who had a valid drivers liscence were asleep and couldn't see at night. I know it was wrong for us to have gone and drove with no liscence but we had no food in the house yet and everyone was hungry. To get on with my point, we were driving and obeying all of the other rules. Using signal lights and we were all in seatbelt. As we approached a stop light we noticed a cop stopped far away from th light. At the time we were turning right. We pulled up to the stop light and waited for the light to turn green. We turned and all of a sudden we see flashing lights. I'm thinking to myself what the heck did we do. Turns out that he was running our tags. Following us running our tags. Now as far as I knew the vehicles tags were up to date and the ride had insurance. Turns out the insurance expired and the regestration was suspended. We explained that we had just moved and the situation we ere in and he still ended up towing our ride.

Now I know cops are suposed to do their jobs but I have seen plenty of cops give people breaks who really shouldn't be getting anything but a jail cell. I guess if your big breasted and beautiful you can get away with almost anything. Police behavior is unfair and very hypocritical. If the cops that our state and city hire would be for real and really do what they were supposed to I don't think people would push to get away with things. I believe that police behavior greatly influences our crime rate. You hear about all these cops getting a slap on the hand for a DWI when if a regular person got one they would be in jail. Its unfair to get treated differently if your not willing to bend over backwards for a police officer. Now that I moved to Albuquerque I believe that the cops here are worse than they are in Gallup. Here it seems they have more opportunity to take advantage of their job.

My overall feelings on police behavior is that it is very hypocritical. They are supposed to be fair and people should feel safe talking to a police officer. In my past expirience all the cops I have spoken to seem very cocky and rude. If there was a way for us to improve the police forces I would have to say that they would have to be more sincere in what they do for a living. You can honestly tell when someone has a passion for what they do. It would be nice to finally see our police force taking its job seriously for a change.

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