Plastic Surgery for Gynecomastia after Weight Loss

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"Plastic Surgery for Gynecomastia after Weight Loss"
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Obesity carries many health risks for men which can be reduced considerably by weight loss. Some men endeavour and lose massive amounts of weight through adopting a healthy diet and exercise routine, whilst others elect to have bariatric surgery. One of the common traits of obesity in men is that they tend to develop large breasts, which unfortunately don’t disappear with the weight.

It is a constant reminder to those who have lost enormous amounts of weight to be confronted with unsightly droopy breasts. It can raise feelings of unmanliness, embarrassment and shame. Instead of being proud of their new figure they are more likely to hide it, and feel disgust at their own appearance.

Those who lost the excess weight through diet are more likely to see a gradual change in the size of the breasts than those who opted for surgery. Young, non smokers, who have not been exposed to sun damage, may see a visible reduction over time, as the area tightens and the skin naturally retracts. Those who had weight loss surgery are unlikely to see any reduction in size, and older men who have been obese for longer are also less likely to see any natural improvement as the skin has been stretched for too long. Plastic surgery is a viable option for those who wish to see an improvement in their body shape and have a manly, rather than womanly torso.

There are two options for men to consider: they can elect to have liposuction initially to remove excess fat deposits and some of the glandular tissue. This is a more appropriate procedure for those who have lost weight naturally rather than through surgery, as they may not need any further procedure if the outcome is satisfactory. Those who lost the weight through bariatric surgery or who do not see visible improvement after liposuction, have the option of gynecomastia surgery, which involves cutting the body to retighten the skin. Often the liposuction stage is skipped.

Depending on the droopiness and slackness of the skin this can be a surgery which leads highly visible and unattractive scarring, but those who elect for this consider it the lesser of the two evils of having permanent breasts. There is no guarantee given to the visual results of the operation which may leave the chest area unaligned, and may warrant further tightening and repositioning. One thing of course which may help with the visible appearance is having a hairy chest to cover up the scar tissue, but this may also extend to the underarm area as well.  As this is a cosmetic surgery there is unlikely to be any insurance coverage.

Gynecomastia surgery is becoming an operation of choice for those who have slimmed down from obesity, as well as with body builders who have developed breasts after taking anabolic steroids, and with young men who naturally develop breasts which is distressing for them. Once the surgery is completed and the skin has been tightened to remove the breast fat and some tissue, then men will benefit from a boost of self confidence and feel more attractive. They can then appear topless on the beach without suffering embarrassment and low self esteem.

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