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The silver sagebrush (Artemisia cana) is native to western and central North America. It is a woody bush that has a very pleasant smell. Indian tribes once used this bush for its medicinal properties and in spiritual ceremonies. It is a very attractive semi-evergreen shrub. It has silver-blue feathery foliage. This shrub produces flowers and fruit. It likes to live in open, high plains and dunes. This is an excellent plant that will help control erosion. It grows over a wide range that includes South Dakota, Wyoming, Arizona, Nevada, Mexico and Texas. This is a type of plant that causes hay fever.

The silver sagebrush is also known by a few other names like sand sagebrush and silvery wormwood. This plant can self-sow in favorable conditions. It thrives in full sun and sandy soils. It is also a very valuable plant for wildlife like grouse and many other birds. Wildlife use this plant as shelter. This plant can grow to an average height of two to five feet. It prefers to grow on moist sites and high elevations. It can withstand some high water and flooding. Some livestock prefer to eat this plant. The flowers of the silver sagebrush plant bloom in the fall. You can purchase the seeds if you want to grow this plant, and they are usually sold for a price of $17 per pound. The people who usually buy the seeds are the ones trying to control erosion or feed their livestock.

This plant is considered as an invasive species to some areas, and it is not listed as being threatened. It is excellent for growing around ponds, lakes and rivers and helps to control erosion. It is a great plant for controlling erosion because the roots spread and it grows really fast. It needs little attention and care. If you plan on planting this brush, then you should space it 12 to 18 inches apart. It thrives in the hardiness zones 3-10. It is highly favored for its ornamental silver foliage and beautiful white flowers. If you have livestock, then you can benefit greatly from having a few of these plants around. If you have erosion control problems and you are trying to prevent your area from washing away, then planting a few of these plants will surely deliver promising results. This plant has a very long history. Native Americans are very familiar with the silver sagebrush and have used this plant for many purposes.

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