Plant Profiles Gooseberry Ribes Hirtellum and Ribes Grossularia

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"Plant Profiles Gooseberry Ribes Hirtellum and Ribes Grossularia"
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Plants are everywhere. They grow naturally in the wilderness, they add landscaping to upscale hotels, and they provide beauty to improve a person's backyard. Despite their prevalence everywhere throughout the world, very few people know much about plants. Plants have a valuable role in maintaining harmony in the ecosystem of the natural world. One of the most interesting plants is the gooseberry. The gooseberry plant has a number of interesting features that intrigue people of all ages.

Native To A Variety of Areas

One interesting aspect of the gooseberry is its ubiquity. Gooseberries are native to Europe, as well as parts of Asia and Africa. This plant is widespread throughout different continents, and through human migration, the plants have traveled to a number of other parts of the world. Gooseberries thus have a number of sub-species, and interesting related species.

Protected by Sharp Spines

Another interesting aspect of the gooseberry plants is its natural protections from other plants and animals. Gooseberries have branches with sharp, thick spines that surround beautiful, bell-shaped flowers. These spines thus provide a form of protection to ensure that these magnificent flowers maintain safety from interested animals.

Grow Through Cuttings

Gooseberries are also interesting because they also grow much better through use of cuttings rather than seeds. These cuttings are removed from trees and then planted carefully. By carefully planting cuttings in this manner, they can often develop into fully developed gooseberry plants themselves.

Easy to Propagate

Another interesting aspect of the gooseberries is that they are very easy to propagate. This provides a great advantage to those individuals that love gooseberries. They can be grown through cuttings, and adapt relatively easily to a variety of habitats. Thus they are a popular plant spread throughout the world.

While not everyone can appreciate the beauty of gooseberries, for the interested plant lover there is much more than meets the eye. People often look past plants in their normal lives, but in reality they are invaluable part of earth's natural ecosystem. Without plants like gooseberries the world would not be the same place. Nature has a way of recreating itself, and fortunately gooseberries help make this process possible through their ability to propagate easily. Their natural protection through their sharp spines is also a great asset. So next time you are out in a garden, look out for gooseberries. Once you spot these plants, you will never look away again.

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