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How the Moon Affects our Planet

The ever-changing moon moves swiftly through the nighttime sky and with her cycles and phases there are links with life on earth, with human personality and activity.

From one new moon to another takes 29 days. Most years have 13 new moons or 13 full moons, but never both. Occasionally, a year will miss out and have 12 of each. As well as the cycles of the moon as it travels through each sign of the zodiac each month, there are eclipses, Harvest Moons and Blue Moons.

The phases of the moon have been observed and recorded since ancient times, and man has always respected the importance of the moon's cycle. Observations have noted the following lunar effects.

Full Moon and Lunacy

There are more accidents, crimes and admissions to mental homes at the time of a full moon. At the University of Miami, psychologist Arnold Lieber and his colleagues decided to test the old belief of full moon and lunacy. Research using murder date from Cuyahoga County in Ohio, Cleveland showed that the full moon marks a monthly peak in various kinds of psychotically oriented crimes such as murder, arson, dangerous driving and kleptomania.

Crimes and violence aren't the only things affected by the full moon. In the Journal of the Florida Medical Association, Dr. Edson Andrews noted that in a study of 1000 tonsillectomies, 82 per cent of postoperative bleeding crises occurred nearer the full than the new moon, despite the fact that fewer operations were performed at that time. This suggests the full moon is a more dangerous time for surgery.

Moon Phases and Tree Felling

In South America and Southeast Asia, tree-harvesting contracts are linked to the phases of the moon. Trees are only cut down on a waning moon, as near to the new moon as possible. This is because on a waxing moon, the sap rises in the trees; this attracts hordes of deathwatch beetles which can destroy a crop.

Moon Babies

Curtis Jackson, controller of Southern California Methodist Hospital, quantified over 11,000 births over a period of 6 years and found that nearly 1,000 more children were conceived during the waxing moon. The conclusion drawn from this is that conception is easier at this time.

Lunar Calendar, Life and Astrology

How does the moon affect personality and life events? Rather than look for a reason, many astrologers observe and trust in what they see through those observations. Just as God can't be seen, but many trust without question and feel His presence in their lives.

Some will argue that because the human body, like the earth, is about 70 percent water, the moon's pull must surely be felt within our bodies, too. It has been seen that the moon does have an affect and further personal observations can

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