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If you have ever wondered why some people are the way they are, it could have something to do with their childhood. How a person's personality develops can have a great deal to do with whether they have siblings, or are an only child. People that are an only child can develop certain personality traits that people with siblings do not have:

*Over Confidence/Arrogance. The only child does not have to worry about competing with siblings and can grow up feeling over confident about their skills. 

*Center of Attention. With no one to vie for parents attention with, only children get used to being the center of their parents attention. This can carry into adulthood and make the only child a show off in order to maintain their status as the center of everyone's attention.

*Intelligence. Many only children impress adults with how smart they are. This can be because the only child has plenty of time to learn things and parents can spend more time teaching them things. Many only children are quick learners.

*Life Skills. Many of these only children learn life skills by spending so much time around adults.

*Happy Being Alone. Many only children learn how to entertain themselves when necessary, and therefore can enjoy time by themselves. This does not mean that they do not like to be in the company of other people. It means that by spending time alone at home, without other children around, they learn to be happy in their their own company. 

If an only child is spoiled while growing up, they can develop a whole different set of personality traits:

*Lack of Self Confidence. An only child may not develop self-confidence because their parent(s) do everything for them. The child does not learn by trial and error to succeed at things, and can actually grow up lacking in self-confidence and even self-esteem.

*Dependence. When an only child's parent(s) spoil them, they learn that they can get anything they want and/or need without question. This teaches the only child to depend on their parent(s) and eventually other people for everything.  

*Lack of Life Skills. Spoiled only children  may not learn basic life skills like cooking, laundry, and responsibility. 

-Another thing that can affect an only child's personality development is socialization. If they are allowed to socialize and play with other children, then the child will learn how to connect with others and learn proper social skills needed as an adult. If the only child is isolated and not allowed to interact much with other people, they may not develop social interests or how to cooperate with others.

-The last noted personality trait that many only children develop is sensitivity to criticism. Only children do not grow up having to compete with siblings for anything, therefore they are less likely learn how to properly handle criticism. They may experience what feels like constant criticism, or none at all. Either way, they do not learn how to properly handle even constructive criticism.

The personality traits that only children develop vary depending on their home environment to a certain degree. Only children who grow up being spoiled can become dependent, lack self-confidence and even lack life skills. Only children who are not spoiled can become arrogant, expect to be the center of attention, yet exhibit intelligence and good life skills.  

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