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Humans have landed on the moon six times and 12 men have walked on the surface. The landings occurred during the time period of 1969 to 1972.

Apollo 11 was the first lunar landing in July 1969. Neil Armstrong was the first human to walk on the surface followed by Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin. Apollo 11 was on the moon for 21 hours and Neil and Buzz walked on the surface for a total of 2.5 hours. Neil had flown in space once before on Gemini 8. He retired from NASA in 1971 and became a professor at a university. He is now retired. Buzz had also flown in space before on Gemini 12. He also retired from NASA in 1971 and returned to the USAF. He travels around the world speaking about his experiences and has written science fiction novels.

Apollo 12 was the next lunar landing in November 1969. Charles "Pete" Conrad and Alan Bean spent 31 hours on the moon and made two excursions to the surface totalling 7.75 hours. Pete had flown in space twice before on Geminis 5 and 11 and had flown one flight afterward on Skylab 2. He retired from NASA in 1973 and worked for an independant commercial space company. He died from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident in 1999. Alan Bean flew again in Skylab 3 and retired from NASA in 1981. He is now an artist who paints space themed pictures.

Apollo 14 was the third lunar landing in February 1971. Alan Shepard and Edgar Mitchell spent 33 hours on the moon and walked on the surface twicw for a total of 9 hours. Alan was the first American in space during his Mercury flight "Freedom 7" in 1961. He left NASA in 1974 to rejoin the USN. He died of cancer in 1998. Ed Mitchell left NASA in 1972 and started a company which investigated ESP and has writted many books.

Apollo 15 was the forth lunar landing in August 1971. Dave Scott and Jim Irwin spent 67 hours on the moon and walked on its surface for a total of 18.5 hours. Dave had previously flown in space on Gemini 8 and Apollo 9. He left NASA in 1977. Jim left NASA in 1972 and pursued Christian evangelism and tried to locate Noah's Ark. He died in 1991.

Apollo 16 was the fifth lunar landing in April 1972. John Young and Charlie Duke spent 71 hours on the moon and spent 20 hours exploring the surface. John Young served a long career with NASA before retiring in 1994. He flew in space six times (Gemini 3 and 11, Apollo 10 and 16, and space shuttle flights STS-1 and 9). He is now retired. Charlie left NASA in 1976 and pursued Christian teachings.

Apollo 17 was the sixth and last lunar landing in December 1972. Gene Cernan and Jack Schmitt spent 75 hours on the moon and walked the surface for a total of 22 hours. Gene had flown previously on Gemini 9 and Apollo 10. He left NASA in 1976 and is a well-known speaker. Jack left NASA in 1975 and was a one-term US Senator from New Mexico (1977-1983).

Unfortunately, no one has returned to the moon since, although many countries have started programs to return to the moon.

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