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I admit it I am one of those people that watches over people. I do not stalk people. Within the last few years, I have taken up an interesting in watching people. It allowed me to study and analyze them. I had never realized how beneficial it would be by watching people. So far, I have a bunch of projects going on. All of them allowed me to utilize the knowledge gained by watching people left and right.

When I worked the John Kerry campaign back in 2004, I had spent a lot of time at the campaign headquarters. At late night, there was nothing much to do. However, I would quietly listen to everything that was going on. Normally people would call that a bad thing. But, it would prove to be a good thing. By watching how the people had operated, I saw how a political campaign was run. I had seen how to and how not to run a political campaign. It had me questioning whether or not I ever wanted to do anymore political campaigning in the future.

As a freelance screenwriter, I saw that people-watching is very valuable. When you look at the different people, you get ideas for different character appearances. In thinking about what and how characters appear, I would tend to go looking at people.
When coming up with character concepts, it is incredibly important that you watch people. You have to watch what they do, how they behave, and how they react in a situation. When creating characters, you have to make them convincingly as possible. If they are not convincing, then your characters are not that impressive. Nobody is going to care about your characters at all.

I am in the midst of working on a Japanese anime series. I have been busy working on creating a diverse cast of characters.
However, I would not have been able to create such characters. When creating a diverse cast of characters takes much time and research. If I wanted to create Latino characters, I would have to research Latino issues. If I wanted to create African characters, I would have to research African issues. A good deal of my research revolves around watching people.

The same thing goes for creating video game characters. Creating a video game is the same as creating a movie. Video games do have characters most of the time. If I wanted to create convincing characters for some adventure, fighting, or role-playing game, I would have to watch people and how they react.
Still, people-watching is not necessarily limited to writing. There are many careers that make good use of people-watching.

If you work in marketing, you have to watch people. When you are marketing a product, you have to know the type of people that you want to sell the product to. Also, people-watching enables one to learn on how to market a product. It gives an idea on who to market the product to.
Psychology and sociology are two extremely crucial aspects to marketing.

A career in politics requires you to watch people. If you are looking to run for political office, you have to think about who your voters are. If you are working a political campaign, you have to know who your supporters are.

Teachers have to watch over their students. They have to see which students are doing well and which students are not doing well.
They have to make sure that their students are doing well.

People in law enforcement have to watch people as well. When searching for witnesses and perpetrators, you have to watch everybody carefully. You have to watch their reactions and so forth. If you do not carefully watch people, they could be doing all sorts of illegal things in front of you and not know about it. They could be doing things behind your back. Nowadays, people have new ways and methods to evade the eyes of law enforcement.

If you are a bodyguard, you have to be protecting your client. One of the ways you protect your client is watching the people. You have to carefully look at the people around.
People could attack your client out of the blue. When you factor everything together, people-watching is more than a mere pastime.

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