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Exploring Links Between Paranormal Activity and Mental Illness

 Let's first start with the definitions of both Paranormal Activity and Mental Illness. Mental illness is a chemical imbalance that leads one to hallucinate, thinking they are hearing and seeing people that isn't there, ( The conscious plays the biggest factor in mental illnesses.) Paranormal Activity is an appearance whose cause is not obvious, therefore making it a Phenomenal experience.

 On the 4 of July of 1996 my baby brother was shot and killed. During the whole after noon on the 4th of July, I just couldn't get rid of this feeling. As I was on my balcony images of the premonition on the 3rd of July of 1996 was flooding my memory bank, and I was seeing everything that was going to take place shortly. I tried to contact my mother, oldest brother, and oldest sister; though my attempts to contact either of them failed. I had no way of going to Charlottesville Virginia, nor stop the events that would soon claim my baby brother from the reaper of death.

 My premonition was about my baby brother and me running across this long bridge, the fog was so thick that I couldn't see him. Our feet hitting the asphalt loud echoing off the emptiness of the night. There was sounds of gun fire rather than the sounds of fireworks, and for some reason we stopped in the middle of the bridge. I'm gasping for air, all of a sudden my baby brother's voice jolted through me as he shouted out ," Jump off the bridge you'll land on sacred grounds!" I kept asking, " where are you?" He stated , " Just jump they are after us!"  I remember looking over the side of the bridge and seeing only more fog, fog so thick a bottom was unable to be seen. I heard several more gun shots popping off, as my baby brother asked me," What Are You Waiting For I'm Behind You!"

 I stated to him how afraid I was to jump and he replied," Jump MF before they get us!',  I jumped right before the next gun shot was fired. That's when I landed in front of a green and white church on sacred grounds like my baby brother said. I began to approach the church, and it was just me until I entered into the church. Once in the church I noticed the casket at the other end, I walked up to the casket only to see me laying there. The body raised up, turned it's head and looked at me; then stated I was next. I had awakened abruptly, that night I felt death riding me. It's a black shadow that lingers behind those who are spiritually connected to the ones who are about to experience death.

 This is not a mental illness, this is the ability to for see. I come from a family that is known to possess the powers to see both past and present events. What I've written about is in-fact the truth and I can render my readers proof. On the 25th of December of 1996 my mother still mourning my baby brother's death was hugging all her grandchildren while crying. My baby Brother traveled down stairs in a thin layer of fog and spells his name and then he forms into an orb. Spirits only come around Hyper Sensitive Beings such as myself and sometimes when there's a new born around; but in this case it was me. ( I captured the Photo of his name Q and the orb he formed)

Mental Illness is an imbalance of brain cells. Paranormal Activity is an appearance whose cause is not obvious.

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