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Everyone knows about global warming and about the things that are going on in the environment but have you ever thought of helping out the environment? Believe it or not, most people take this for granted and don’t realize it but the environment is one of the most important things on earth. Without this environment, there would be no trees or animals and if none of the things that people depended on existed, then humans wouldn't  exist either.

Therefore, it is human being's responsibility to take care of the environment and instead of doing so; humans actually, with no intention in mind, keep spoiling the environment more and more, day by day. In David Suzuki’s words it is like “we’re in a giant car, heading towards a brick wall and everyone is arguing over where they’re going to sit.”

Global warming is the number one threat in this world and there are billions of causes for this. The most common one of them is deforestation simply known as the cutting down of forests. Deforestation is an issue that is rapidly growing, it does not only mean less trees but it also means less cleaner oxygen, displacement of wildlife and of course global warming.

Another big issue humans are currently dealing with is the climate change. Scientific evidence shows that carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere have increased drastically because of industrialization. People rely on fossil fuels for everything from driving their cars, to heating their homes, to producing the products that they have come to rely on in their daily lives.  As a result, carbon dioxide concentrations have increased approximately 30% since pre-industrial times.  This has resulted in a strengthening of the greenhouse effect, which has played a critical role in warming this planet. This climate change has also affected the Ice Caps in this world; and the melting ice is causing the sea levels to rise. NASA satellite images revealed that the area of our permanent ice cover is shrinking at a rate of 9% every decade.

Lastly, pollution is also a major issue in our environment. Pollution comes in many different ways no matter where you live on earth. The pollution in this world is mainly because of cars and things such as industrialization but there are many other means to it as well. For example, the use of plastic, burning of fossil fuels etc. As said by Alan M. Edison, “Modern technology, owes ecology an apology.”

Whenever possible walk, cycle or use public transport to get around rather than driving in your car.

Turn off your engines while in traffic.

Reduce Excess Baggage and pack lighter when travelling.

Planes flying with extra baggage use more fuel.

Use both sides of the page to print or copy.

Use reusable bags for grocery shopping.

Read the newspaper online to save paper, trees, and carbon.

People can do a lot to give back to our environment, what are you doing for it? Even though there are so many factors in this world that lead to Global Warming, there are also many little things that you can do in order to fix them, as shown above.

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