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gulf oil spill

Oil Spill in the Gulf

gulf oil spill
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"Oil Spill in the Gulf"
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The economy was already down when the explosion in the Gulf of Mexico, thrust it even further in debt. Not only the lives lost, eleven lost their life and just think of how devastating that was to their families. Add to that, the loss of income of the fishermen, the closing of the beaches adn the expensive cleanup operations, and there is no way one can accurately begin to assess the consequences to the environment.

Environmental consequences of the Gulf Oil spill will not be known fully for years. . With so commentary of it being made worldwide and noted instantly, it is not always easy to keep up with, nor should we try. We pick and choose our worries. This one will not only impact of the surrounding states and their coast lines be damaged for many years, but the nature will have a hard time overcoming this disaster.

It was troubling news news. It is hard to imagine the oil that is spewing up and out and sickening sea creatures, contaminating the air and threatening beaches and other recreational areas. How can it be stopped is the big question of the day. If anyone knew the answer to that, it would have been stopped long before now.

Exactly what is the latest thoughts on this devastating event? "Obama seeks 'full and vigourous accounting of Gulf oil spill" is one blaring headline from USA today. Well that is one way of dealing with problems. The blame must be put somewhere, or it seems that way. The best approach is admitting the problem should never have existed in the first place. Off shore oil drilling is not something that should be done.

Did anyone ever think of this possibility before the first hole into the bottom of the ocean was made? Of course not, just get that oil as fast and as quick as possible and don't think of what an accident might do to life on earth. Panic turns to accusations might also make a headline any day now. What's the world to do? How can that oil leak be stopped? If I knew that I would get the instructions to them right away, but I don't know, all I can do is only guess and wonder what if this, or what if that, will work.

What then are my suggestions? Ask children of all ages to send in their solution. You might pose the problem to them in this way: The ocean floor is leaking oil and it is killing off fish, and all kinds of animal and plant life and it is threatening the lives of people everywhere. How can it be stopped?

With my limited ability to even visualize the problem I will add my two cents worth. Put a iron clad band aid on it. When a puncture wound causes a ooze of blood from a surface vein on my arm, or somewhere on my body, I put on a pressure bandage. Or when a freak accident happens, as surely this oil leak was, I sometimes don't do nothing. Just yesterday I reached for my eye-glass case and and after retrieving the glasses shut it and in doing so caught a portion of the skin on the edge of my little finger. It hurt. There was nothing I could do but let it hurt. A blood blister formed but in due time, it went away. The body is an amazing machine when it comes to healing. And so is nature when we get out of the way and allow it to do its remedial work.

No comparisons of course. Man against mighty nature is sure to cause more problems than can be fixed. My only other suggestion is to form a think tank of the best minds and let them bounce ideas off each others heads until simple solutions begin to appear. Yet before that, they might try praying. That is known to cause miracles and a miracle is what is now needed.

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