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Nibiru The Red Winged Planet

Is a planet called Nibiru hurtling towards Earth? Our understanding of the universe and how it works is being discovered daily. To say for sure if a planet fitting the description of Nibiru exists or not is still being debated by scientists and scholars all over the world.

The reference of Nibiru comes from the Sumerian text, which was discovered in Iraq. This reference of Nibiru dates back over 6000 years and describes our solar system with incredible detail and accuracy. The text describes all of our known planets with details down to the atmosphere and composition of the planet itself. Today our scientists are proving the Sumeriantext to be correct. Based on the accuracy of the descriptions of our solar system by the Sumerian's, then yes it is coming!

According to scientists studying space there is a planet out there in our solar system that does have an elongated trajectory but no one claims it to be Nibiru. On June 28,1982 Newsweek magazine ran a cover story of a planet x coming towards earth in the exact fashion that the Sumerian text describes, this article gained international attention but never had any follow up since 1982.

In the case of a planetary body, Nibiru, entering our solar system and passing by earth, the predictions are catastrophic with devastating results. Based on this alone it is hard to say if we will ever know for sure if this planet exists. If it were to exist it would cause mass hysteria and panic all over the world.

The planet Nibiru, according to the Sumerian's, passes by Earth every 3600 years.It is written that the Sumerian's left the text and details to warn the people of the devastation that this planet wil create and when to expect it. The 3600 year cycle falls in line with mass disappearances around the planet, to include ancient cilizations, plants and animals.

If we use the information given to us by the Sumerian people then yes there is a planet called Nibiru making its way toward Earth. The text has been completely accurate when describing planetary rotations, compositions and placement within our solar system. If we use the information given to us by science of today, well it is inconclusive. So we must make up our own minds by doing our own research, reading ancient text and listening to our scientist that are studying space and come to a conclusion who is most accurate. And remember if Nibiru is coming there is nothing you can do about it.

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