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Nay Sayers of Astrology Knowledge from Astrology Wrong Signs Signs are the same

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"Nay Sayers of Astrology Knowledge from Astrology Wrong Signs Signs are the same"
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Have no fear astrology is still here, and you're still the sign you were when you were born. Astrologers for years have known about the wobble in the earth, and yes the man in Minnesota is correct. The interesting fact is the actual constellations have always been guides but not the actual way in which astrologers figure out what sign you are.

If you are looking for some kind of proof, take a look at the book, Parkers’ Astrology by Julia and Derek Parker copyrighted in 1994 on pages 16-19, paperback edition. It explains how the signs are the names of the twelve thirty degree segments in which a birth chart is drawn up. The calculation involves the equinoxes and mathematics. Astrologers use an ecliptic around the earth meaning that if the earth were to move the actual signs that your sign is based on, move with the earth. With the earth wobble, the signs in theory actually move with the earth.

The horoscope, although very entertaining, is a very simplified version of astrology. To fully understand how astrology effects you, you need your full birth chart calculated and analyzed by a certified astrologer. The information that you learn from astrology goes way beyond your sign, it’s rather fascinating.

If you think about it, if you ever have looked into what your sign is all about, this is beyond looking at your horoscope, no one has tried to fool you. Your connection and ability to see yourself in that paticular sign, hasn't it held true in some ways? Virgo's are picky, helpful, and good looking. Aries are self-centered and good at a lot of things. Taurus are stubborn and often wealthy - creator of Facebook. Libra's seek balance and have soft beauty. Gemini's have two sides to them intellectual and introverted but are great to learn from. Sagittarius'  are direct, come across rude, but are very kind, generous, and philosophical. Scorpio's are sexy and extremist. Capricorns are reliable, responsible, often climb to the top but can be melancholy. Aquarians are smart, savvy, yet a bit cold. Cancer's are caring, maternal, yet very emotional. Leo's like being the center of attention, and are really fun to be around, they get along with everyone. And Pisces, are a little odd, but very caring and helpful. Check it out. 

To believe or not to believe is often the question, and many people don’t believe. This new information of the wobbly Earth is just another way for nay-sayers to put astrology down. There are so many skeptics, and negative people out there that want to find any reason to discredit astrology. That is their prerogative.  There are thousands of people with open minds that are willing to learn something knew and be inspired by astrology. Astrology is a place where there is no force. So anytime the nay-sayers want to leap through circles of inspiration and have a chance at understanding themselves more than they may want to, contact an astrologer, and expand your universe of knowledge.

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