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Natural Selection Versus Life Experience and Human Behavior

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"Natural Selection Versus Life Experience and Human Behavior"
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Human beings are odd creatures in the sense that we are an oxymoron. Humans are smart enought to control our environment to a degree, yet we are not so smart as to not be immune to the hazards of nature. Even when we can control our own environment, we still find ways to make our lives hazardous to our health. Human beings think that we are above all in the natural world, but in reality we are just animals that have become more evolved than most other animals. There are even some animals that are almost as smart as we are.

Human beings have been able to control the Earth like no species ever before. In this way we have allowed ourselves to overcome natural selection to a degree. Most people have access to housing and other basic need items, and therefore people are able to live longer thanks to the actions of others. If it is cold, we can make shelter, if we are hungry we can go to the store, if we are scared we can think of ways to overcome our fears.

However, we are also dumb enough to kill ourselves thanks to our own ego and stupidity. We can go to the doctor if we are sick, however there are some people who think that praying will make thier kids overcome a major illness. We are smart enough to cure some of our sicknesses, but not always smart enough to use the resources we have to cure them. Those who go to the doctor when they are sick will get better, and survive, and those who are stupid enough to not seek help wll not survive. So in that way we are not immune to natural selection.

As human beings, we have not figured out an answer to every problem that we may have. There are still those who will succumb to developmental disabilities, and other diseases like cancer, or Alzheimer's that we have no cure for yet. Something as basic as the common cold still has no cure, and causes many night with coughs and sore throats. We still have no answer for greed, and arrogance, and other human traits that cause us to do dumb things like create huge bombs that annihilate millions.

Because of those traits, our ability to use our experience to change our lives might not always overcome natural selection. We might know that the doctor can cure our ills, but he cannot cure all of our ills, or if we do not seek his advice, we will not get better. We might know how to build a home, or drive a car, but we can still build a poor home, or drive recklessly. Our intellegence levels determine what we are able to do with our technological advantages. This is where natural selection can overcome our ability to manipulate nature.

So is life experience ever going to be able to trump natural selection? Probably not, because you can only use your tools wisely if you have the smarts do so. If you can't use your brain effectively to manipulate your tools, you have nothing to work with. Nature will always have the upper hand on humans, even if we can subdue it every so often.

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