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Natural Disasters and their Root cause

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"Natural Disasters and their Root cause"
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The environmental catastrophe has spread some kind of undue frenzy or unwarranted fear of what might happen next, where or when. Devastating floods in India and Philippines, earthquake in Indonesia, tsunami in Samoa and global warming - These seem to be today's version of the apocalypse. Nothing will save us from the ravages of storms, devastating floods, landslides and earthquakes. In fact nothing will save people anywhere in the world from the ravages of nature.

More and more have taken interest in knowing about what causes these natural phenomena that have stalked the earth since time immemorial. Bad governance? Ignorance? Complacency? Whatever it is, it always boils down to the very core of the issue. Nature has taken its curse upon us. What causes these natural phenomena is something to ponder. Poor waste management, illegal logging, over population and too much industrialization are among the causing factors to this dilemma. These are all human-created causes. Our own ignorance to the causes and effects of our own covetousness for what are not ours and our human greed for power at nature's expense are our greatest enemies. Clearly, these are our greatest disaster and calamity. They have been in our midst for so long and too often, just as the heavy rain showers and thunderstorms.

Recent events of the world over have taught us the dangers of complacency and ignorance. The inputs of environmental awareness programs and the save mother earth campaigns among others are ignored, as if they have no place in any decent discussions of problems and issues among us. We are more on what we can benefit out of our natural resources rather than showing earnest effort for its conservation and for the benefit of mankind in general. The enactments of so many environmental laws are rendered useless for lack of effective enforcement and implementation. And all this time, when climate change or global warming is just not just a matter of "if" and "when", but actually "here" and "now", mankind is still not jolted or scared enough.

Let us allow the lessons that Mother Nature teaches us to reach each and everyone of us. Let the greatest realization after all these calamities lead us to get rid of our greatest calamity in our midst, our own ignorance and complacency. Because one thing is sure from the painful lessons of the past that man and even God forgives and forgets, nature does not and will exact full measure in due time. And it only just began.

God forgives, man forgets, nature never. Let us allow the lessons to reach us.

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