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Natural Disasters and the Origin of the Races

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"Natural Disasters and the Origin of the Races"
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Natural Disasters and the Origin of Races

Throughout the history of the human race we have been plagued by a series of natural disasters that in one way or another have affected the race in general, and specifically has been the origin of the various races of mankind today. These natural disasters can be either of earthly origin, or have arrived from outer space. Whatever form these disasters took they have left an indelible mark imprinted on mankind. A list of possible natural disasters is long and legion. They can range anywhere from a pandemic to a super volcano to a tsunami to a visitation of an object from outer space. A natural disaster can affect the entire planet, or a part of the planet.
A good example of this is the eruption of Mt. Tambora in Indonesia in 1815; the following year 1816 was known as the year without a summer, or 1800 and froze to death. While holed up in a Lord Byron's house in Switzerland Mary Shelly wrote Frankenstein, and Bram Stoker wrote Dracula. These are two of the greatest horror stories ever written.
Many people perished worldwide of hunger as a result of this eruption; who knows how it may have changed the survivors. One thing is certain many of the survivors were changed by the experience, and who knows if these changes were not followed through in future generations.
A far greater case for change is the eruption of Mt. Toba on the island of Sumatra 74,000 years ago. This eruption gave us a volcanic winter that lasted worldwide for many years. Apparently it gave us the last ice age also. It also profoundly changed the human race as well. Modern man came out of this period as well as a new world.
According to the Toba catastrophe theory the human race was reduced to a mere 1000 breeding couples. This created a bottleneck in human evolution. The eruption released the equivalent of 1 gigaton of TNT. This was three thousand times the energy released by the Mt. Saint Helens eruption of May 1980.
It is theorized that most of the humans to survive this event were concentrated in the tropics. Most of these survivors were concentrated in equatorial West Africa. A few others might have been in equatorial Asia. From the African group however it appears that modern man descended. The group that stayed in the tropics developed a dark skin as a result of exposure to the intense sunlight of the tropics. The white race evolved from a group of people who moved northwestwards into Europe from the Middle East. The further north they migrated, the lighter their skin and hair became. Another group migrated northeastwards into the Middle East giving rise to the semantic peoples of this region. The peoples of the Far East apparently are a result of interbreeding between the Europeans and the Middle Easterners. There also might have been an admixture of people who survived in equatorial Asia to give us the oriental race.
DNA Evidence however suggests that all modern peoples originated in Africa and spread out as soon as the weather conditions were favorable for migration.

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