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The impending cuts in scientific funding have left some of us speechless. Others of us are just simply appalled. Scientists have give the best of their years over to advancing human quality of life as well as quantity. How the United States government intends to repay them is just simply outlandish. It was announced that budget cuts for NASA will take place this year throwing exploration of space on the back burner. Leaving science hanging in the wind.

When the US began the war on terrorism we were all backing it saying that we needed to end the unnecessary violence that was coming straight for us from the middle east. Now we see there seems to be no end in sight for the stampede of soldiers heading out to foreign shores to try and end nothing more than religious bigotry. It is a sad day when we desist the process of learning for the mere task of mindless drones marching into foreign lands in hopes of stopping religious conflicts. The US has had to face the overwhelming burden of billions of dollars being sent to over seas to rebuild the destruction that our presence is causing. Now that we are facing a devastating recession everything is facing cut backs. The worst of all is the Field of science.

NASA outer space program has been in the works for decades. With a shared space station orbiting the Earth we had finally begun making the advances towards outer space. Something that had been only an idea in the early nineteen hundreds. Now that we face the pending cutbacks what will our scientific future be? Are we, as a powerful and great standing nation, willing to step back and let the rest of the world advance ahead of us because of our lack of dedication to the exploration of our own universe? Are we settled with being the last ones to know the mysteries that lie out there in remote parts beyond our own world? Will we be willing just to deal with the crumbs that we are given if we let this golden opportunity's slip by?

I would hope that the answers to those questions would be NO. As one of the most advanced nations on the planet we should be able to look beyond religous indifference and see that there are more important things lying ahead in our future. I can only imagine what the future of our children will be if we dedicate our lives to being distracted from our higher goals by religous wars and scuffles. When we should take a neutral stance and dedicate our time to advancing the human race. Making a great point of exploring every probability. Reaching new heights and discovering our way into the future. Once we have stopped being distracted by race and religion we can get back to the buisness of falling in love with our world and our universe.

The whole of humanity needs to lay down their differences and make a way towards a new future. One that is filled with unity and perseverance. Where every man woman and child are counted equally. So that our minds can be ready for the advances, and places that science can take us. The dedication of our scientific minds should not be taken for granted. These cuts should not happen. It can only lead to a future of frustration for the US. While we watch other country's reaching beyond our limits. As we only sink into the insanity that is religious war.

During the twentieth century we saw tremendous advances in science that gave us DNA,Microwaves, Cell phones, Plasma TVs and much much more. Thanks to the constant drive if these individuals we are living life easier and more comfortable than our grand parents had ever dreamed was possible. We should be putting science first and foremost, as it has put us first and foremost also. There should be cuts made to the military, not to the necessary sciences. Our presence in outer space is our future here on earth. What we discover or fail to discover may be our success, or our untimely undoing.

When it comes to science it is time to look outside the box, or rather planet. There is a whole universe out there to explore. It would be great if we lead and do not follow in this adventure. It would be great to see a day when each one of us was afforded the opportunity to see our planet from a distance and realize just how amazing this orb we call home is.

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