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All of us have had dreams at some time in our lives in which we were naked. What it means to dream about being naked depends on the context of the nudity in the dream and on the feelings of the dreamer.

It may mean that you feel vulnerable, embarrassed, or fearful of being exposed in some way. Such a dream may also represent a personal transition in which you have lost part of your old identity, the costume you presented to the world, and have not gained a new one yet. If it does not carry any negative feelings, a dream about being naked may mean that you feel free, unconfined, comfortable in your own skin, and unrestricted by social disapproval. Though one might think a dream about being naked is sexual in nature, it may or may not be. It is if sexual feelings and/or activities are part of the dream, but probably not otherwise.

The most commonly reported version of this dream entails being naked in a public place. The dreamer may feel completely humiliated about this, or may feel just fine, or may have the sneaking suspicion that something is odd. With the exception of complete humiliation, none of these reactions match how most of us would feel if we really were naked in public. Dreams are usually not literal reflections of real life. Rather, they show us how we feel and what is happening for us, even if we do not fully recognize it in waking life.

If you dream about being naked in public and feel embarrassed, this suggests that you feel exposed in some way. Perhaps your privacy is being invaded by someone (or someones) in your life. Perhaps you are having to reveal more of your inner self than you feel comfortable with. Perhaps you are at a vulnerable time in your life. The literal exposure of your dream nudity reflects the feeling of being psychologically exposed.

Conversely, if you have this dream and being naked seems just incidental, it may mean that you are comfortable with being open. Perhaps your psyche is naked in some way, but it is not an uncomfortable or unhealthy nakedness. It means that you are psychologically open and are ready to be.

Sometimes, a dreamer’s feelings change during a dream about being naked. What at first seems like humiliating exposure may become comfortable over the course of the dream, or only mildly odd. If this happens to you, it likely indicates that you are growing more comfortable in your own skin.

Any version of this kind of dream may indicate a major life transition. If you are at a time in your life when your old persona is disappearing and your new one has not solidified yet, this makes you psychologically vulnerable. This may be happening due to a change in your role in life that changes what you feel your identity to be. For some people, getting married or becoming a parent equals such a change. Losing a job without a new one in sight certainly does, as this means losing your professional identity. Even making a wanted career change may cause such a crisis.

In some cases, the transition is not such a highly visible one. It may just be a change in your own ways of living and relating to the world, not necessarily linked to any external event. No matter what kind of transition it is, any major life transition means losing your clothes on a psychological level. This is likely to be a time when your old ones no longer fit and you do not have your new ones yet. Like a crab that's outgrown its shell, your psyche is exposed. This probably will lead to dreams about being naked.

These are only a few of the possible interpretations of a dream about being naked. Like with any dream symbolism, the real meaning of nudity in a dream is what it means to the dreamer. If you wake up from dream about being naked, take a few minutes to reflect on your dream. Where were you when you were naked? Who did you meet, if anyone? How did they react? Overall, what were your thoughts and feelings? And (this one might not be so easy to answer right away) what is going on in your life right now that could relate to this? What makes you feel vulnerable? What kinds of transitions are you going through?

If you can answer these questions, you know what your dream means. Sometimes the answers are intuitive rather than logical. You might not always be able to put them into words. Yet behind a dream of being naked, there is usually a transition.

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